The divine nature of a woman can be defined in so many different ways. DeFINE feminine is all about your experience defining yourself as a woman, from a more optimistic version of self. DeFine Feminine will help you to truly develop your understanding of fulfillment in this lifetime and the true definition of happiness through the exploration of wellness, beauty, and creating the ideal lifestyle.

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  • It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month Bitches!
    It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and @yitty is partnering with @youngsurvivalcoalition which is the go to organization for young people who are effected by breast cancer. Nearly 80% of young women are diagnosed with breast cancer and most would find out while getting dressed. The FIT CHECK Inspired #titcheck is a simple way for you to remember to check for your breast changed on a regular basis.
  • This is what you need to know before attending your first Women’s empowerment event
    If you’re interested in going to a local women’s empowerment event but you’re alittle apprehensive, this is the blogpost for you. I came up with a few tips to keep in mind when you’re entering new spaces to network with other women in the near future. I’m confident that this guide will give you the encouragement that you need to step into any space with grace!
  • New Season, New Era
    The beauty of life is that you can start over at any point that you chose. It’s a new era and I’m excited to share some of my tips on stepping into your new era as well. It’s your chance to identify as whoever you chose to be because this is your journey, and you make the rules in your world. Redefining self takes courage and consistency so put in that work to adjust in your new position as the new and improved version of self.

#PenPOSSEΒ Roundtable Discussion -Topic: β€˜My Manuscript is Done, Now What?

π˜•π˜¦π˜Έ 𝘌𝘱π˜ͺ𝘴𝘰π˜₯𝘦 π˜–π˜§: π•Ώπ–π–Š π•―π–Šπ•±π–Žπ–“π–Š π•±π–Šπ–’π–Žπ–“π–Žπ–“π–Š π•»π–”π–‰π–ˆπ–†π–˜π–™ ❦

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