Harboring an unteachable spirit will keep you stagnant. I’ve spent a majority of my life associating my self worth with being “nice” in order to maintain relationships. This kept me in relationships that has already passed it’s time including the one with myself. Have you ever gotten tired of yourself and say ” Damn Bitch get it T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R.” The habits that we once harbored no can no longer coexist with your past because you are no longer that person. From a young age we’re taught how to speak, dress, walk, ect. You now have the opportunity to embrace your true self.

This week I’ve spent time shifting my thoughts on children identifying with their sexuality at a young age including Zeya Wade. She recently interviewed with Michelle Obama and honestly I felt little cringe. I felt like Zeya was stunned by Michelle’s presence while she fed her with commentary about owning self and taking her time to get to know who she is over time. I felt like that was a great message for young women to know early in, BUT I wish that we can allow children to have fun and to not associate themselves with a gender or pronouns, and all other things that boxes them in. My ideal life is to not coexsist as a category but simply a living spirit people won’t forget. Granted we live in a world where identity is mainly how we stay organized but are we ? I’ve met many people from the LGBTHDTV community and they’ve expressed their sexuality very much so further into the relationship. I sumwhat had to mind my business or assume based on their choices in partners.

It wasn’t “ Hey,I’m Sam, I’m Gay, and my favorite color is Green.” Zeya is a beautiful kid and I admire her bravery for taking on a goal of hers to feel beautiful in her skin but I feel this will spark a revolution of young people striving for exactly what they want younger and younger. The Gen Z generation has a very different mentality from the rest of us millennials because they don’t give a fuck.

Here are a few tips to create your TRUE IDENTITY

You cannot grow until you take responsibility for your life.

Create an ideal life and slowly apply pressure. Wake up early and get use of the FULL day. Start your day with your favorite herbal blend, and take some time to write out some goals for yourself. Take a nice warm shower and saturate your skin with something hydrating. When you build a routine that you look forward to and will help you to feel better about self, you’ll feel amazing. The only responsibility that you have is to take care of you.

Failing to reach your fullest potential by your perceived defiancy.

What do you think of yourself ? Do you think highly of self or are you just IIIGHT ? Your highest self craves that version of you that you ACTUALLY fuck with. Not the mediocre, half ass, delusional, deflecting ass version. Sorry to tell it to you but you are in control of your life. If things aren’t working out, change the narrative. God has waken you up for a reason, utilize your time with things that FILL you.

Do not create comfort zones, make changes not resolutions

Who maintains New Year’s Resolutions anyway ?

so·lu·tion- a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.

I feel like everyone dreams of leaving their hometown to explore more things outside of it.

Being solution based allows less emotions, more logic on difficult situations. Sometimes our emotions inflates and prolongs a situation for longer than it usual because the solution hasn’t been made. Find new ways to create more solutions, less problems everyday.

Questions for you 🌺

What makes you comfortable ? Has it helped you get to the next chapter ? What has pushed you to shift your mindset for a different outcome ? Are you stuck in your ways ?

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