Life isn’t only about being happy, it’s about possessing what you’re content with and finding ways to expose yourself to things that make you uncomfortable. I’ve experienced different forms of pain thus far and every one of them in the moment felt I was jogging through hell but in reality it was all temporary. I’ve learned Physical, mental, or emotional pain all feels the same. It’s something you can’t measure or compare because everyone endures pain differently. Everyone’s strength is different because everyone’s journey is different. We may experience the same things at different times, places or with different people and it can be a completely different experience. Learning how to be so in love with life to the point of no return will allow you to cry then smile right after because you’re so grateful for another day, another meal, another experience, another opportunity. It may not be in the moment but everything is up to you to make a change to unlock these values in life. I use to always thing being happy is the only way to be in life but it’s beyond happiness, it’s about being optimistic and controlling your emotions to YOUR advantage. If you allow your emotions to control you, it’s like putting your life on auto drive, yes it may be a great drive in the moment but eventually if you don’t grab that steering wheel it can go left into a deeper situation you started with.

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