Slow stroll, PowerFUL progression

I recently took alittle break from constantly finding different ways to avoid being fully happy with myself. I felt like I wasn’t deserving of this happiness because I HAVE to work and I HAVE to respond and I HAVE to be present. There comes a point where you just break your continuous routines and create a flow that works for YOU. It took a lot of me being realistic about what I spend my time on. Most of my time is being spent on doing hair, cleaning, decluttering, cluttering again, and cleaning some more. The amount of time and access I’ve allowed to consume me created my own mania. I was no longer able to keep up with the things I truly enjoy like writing and arts and crafts. Things that allows me to be human. I know that there are things that needs to be done in order to maintain financial leverage but I think the happier you are the more open to abundance. Sometime’s we block our own blessings with baggage. Learn how to be light and let go of things that create more derailment than alignment. You have the strength to create the path you desire to take, it may not make sense to all but you know what’s best for you.

I enjoy space to be my curious self and get lost in different interests of mine. I enjoy doing wondrous things kinda like Alice. I don’t like to live by limiting beliefs because I’m a woman or because I’m black. I think we’re all given an opportunity to define what your purpose is and I enjoy exploration. I somewhat shut down when I have to conform to make others comfortable in my presence. Although I have a hard exterior, a lot of people gravitate to my presence and sometimes it can be very overwhelming. Sometimes this causes me to shut down in need of a recharge. I think we all experience this in some way but we cope in different ways. As humans we are constantly interacting and keeping up with our pairs via social media. Personally too much, to the point where were feel that we know how others are living based on what they post. Disconnecting from that curiosity to know what’s next in someones life is creating an attachment that can be alittle toxic. I have a tendency to disconnect from the internet and sometimes from people because truthfully, Life goes on. I’m into art and substance, I don’t follow the shade room for this reason. The platform is chaotic and unproductive information for people to consume on a daily basis. I like productivity, I like growth.

My pattern app was dragging me to filth so I felt inspired to share alittle about why it’s important to stay focused on the goal. The things that feel heavy, reminds you of struggle, and makes you sad it’s most likely not needed. We give our power away because of how we were raised. To always serve others and do what’s best for their emotions. It is not your responsibility to maintain the emotions of others in exchange with sacrificing the balance of you.





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