My Lilth in Gemini represents a side of me that’s unusually suppressed. As a cancer rising, my energy is usually reflected as being extremely friendly and welcoming to others but as a Gemini, I can be a little rough around the edges but my intentions are to always enlighten those around me. I used to be very weary of expressing my Gemini traits because it comes off very insensitive towards those who solely rely on their emotions. (I was her) 🙊

“ You cannot put others feelings on a pedestal for the expense of you well being.”

Keisha Cole

As Gemini Season came in, I’ve been really basking into my solitude and genuinely enjoying what God has provided for me. FINALLY ! A peaceful home where I’m able to be at peace. I feel like your energy is starts at home. If you’re at peace where you lay your head, you’ll be at peace in the world. I’ve found a liking in finding cool and creative pieces to add to different parts of my apartment. Shit, I just bought butterfly kitchen curtains. Did I need them ? No, but it definitely spices things up a bit.

“Do things to make yourself happy, because you deserve it”

In my element 💗

My solitude feels so good because I’m spending time getting to know my real boundaries and spending time with people who don’t have to prove anything to me because I know their heart. After having to heal from so many people I don’t care to reopen in the same way. I was once in a place where I was super open in places I wasn’t fully welcome. I love people who fully understands where I’ve came from and how much growth that went into this new version of me. It’s all about respect and over standing. Knowing your value is a super power.

I’ve been able to take little trips to fun and energizing spots that I intentionally didn’t experience with my partner. I think it’s super important to try new things so you’re able to experience things for the first time instead of repeating cycles that brings out your old self. I remember telling him that we are NOT doing any chain restaurants and we’re now 1 year into our relationship and we ended up at Applebee’s for breakfast lol.

Yes, Applebee’s now serves BREAKFAST

I love the spontaneousness of a Gemini, they’re usually not unsure of what they want but they’re able to weigh out other options that will be most logical in the moment. We THRIVE when we’re obtaining new knowledge that we can apply to our daily lives. We don’t really enjoy conforming because honestly, we alittle weird. Gemini’s love luxury and they won’t settle for anything less unless they think they’re less.

King Ye.

I really had to shift my mindset when it comes to how I live my life and the energy I’m intaking on a daily basis. For 6 years, my main focus was creating an in home hair studio business to help women feel more bold, more sexy, and more decisive when it comes to things that they want. It’s innovative, intimate, and an overall experience you’ll look forward to.

Anyway,I was fixated on helping others that I genuinely forgot about myself and what makes me the best version of me. So instead of always extending the vibe, I became the vibe. It’s really okay to just rock out alone and connect the way that you see best fit, sometimes it’s dead silence and I’m good with that. I think as humans we hold on to others emotions and approval, as if they’re our own and it becomes MENTAL SUICIDE.

You have to learn how to enjoy something without needing other’s to be okay with your absence. This is no shade but honestly, I’ve experienced alot of annomocity from those I no longer speak to. But to be quite Frank, what you’ve done in the past does not hold weight at this present time. You have to evolve and RELATE to the people who are around you or else there will always be conflict. If it doesn’t feel right, its not.Just because you’ve done your ASSISGNMENT, it doesn’t mean that the respect goes out the door when I’m no longer convenient for you. It’s giving bad mind and I really hate to see it 🧿🤨.


Having to hide your blessings because you’re afraid of people not showing love is a trauma response. People are so comfortable with hiding that I realized that we’re simply not cut from the same cloth. Privacy is one thing but to hide behind who you truly are, what you like/what you admire behind closed doors is a mental disconnect. Like who are you off this internet shit? What do you enjoy doing? What brings you peace? How much time do you dedicate to being present ? What brings you joy ? Why do you allow people that don’t deserve you in your space?!?

Heal the parts of you that doesn’t allow you to show up yourself first and foremost in exchange for people outside of you. We’d rather leech onto the idea of discreetness, pride, and sometimes envy to protect ourselves from the parts of us that we’re still ashamed of.

It’s important to self evaluate and take into account where you’re dispersing your energy and why are you revisiting lessons you THINK you’ve learned from.

Why are you attracted to chaos ?

Do you feel deserving of a good life ?

@ Your Local Starbucks ☕️

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