After spinning through this album a few times and waiting for the hype to die down I decided to give my thoughts on each song based on how I felt while listening to it. Music is subjective so many may not agree but this is my review on the Planet Her Album. As a fan of Doja I’m here for her artistic development and versatile sounds but I feel like there’s room for improvement and that’s totally okay. I definitely missed a few songs off the album but I chose the songs that stood out the most.

1. Woman – Woman has a nice tropical upbeat sound that was a great fit to open the album. I feel like usually intros are usually slow or just an instrumental leading up to the second song. Doja embraced her inner Goddess on this one by effortlessly walking on the beat and letting her listeners know that she’s GROWN af. I love this song, it’s such a good song to play anywhere honestly. (8/10)

2. Naked is great for a good pop song so if you’re a pop music fan you’ll enjoy this album throughout but personally this isn’t my favorite. I think I was expecting a feature or maybe a beat switch up on some Drake shit. I can imagine this song being played in Forever 21, UO, and other millennial dominated fashion stores. If heard this in the fitting room I would probably buss alil whine because it’s giving alittle soca on the (chorus or hook). This sped up would do very well at Caribana for sure. (7/10)

3. Payday– I’m not even going to lie, I don’t care for this song because it’s giving Coi Leray and I tolerate her voice for the sake of embracing a new sound but that super high pitch gives me Kids Bop vibes. Young Thug being featured on this song makes sense though, he’s good for harmonizing that high pitch sound so well done on that collab. This is just an example of Doja in her “ Rap” bag. (6/10)

4. Get into it– Iconic. That is all. “ Hey Nicki, I love you! Got that big rocket LAUNCHA! “ I know she wanted to be like “ Chea” at the end because I add my own because it just makes sense. I watched Doja’s live on Instagram talking about this song and she said she was supposed to have Nicki on this song but she said to have the queen on my song, it has to be perfect and she admitted this wasn’t completed. It gave me the impression that her record label was pushing her to get that album done ASAP so she wasn’t able to really get in her bag like that and I can tell that it wasn’t fully developed BUT, nonetheless, ICONIC. (9/10)

5. Need to know– This is classic Doja in her BAG. The inner Scorpion came out on this song where she was able to demand the dick she wanted and why she deserved it. Love it love it love it. This song is specifically for the bad bitches from outter space. The video also adds more value to the song because the visuals are insane. One thing I admire about Doja is her ability to bring forth the visuals that completely shits on the majority of the female rap collection. I think the only person that comes close to Doja’s visuals is Tierra Whack. (10/10)

6.Niggas ain’t shit – Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean .

I love how she expressed the EXACT feeling of dealing with a dusty ass nigga. They tend to occupy your space with very little to offer and high expectations. I fee like this was a personal dis track to someone of her past because it was HITTING. I love this song, and I know a lot of people cannot fathom a biracial woman saying nigga. Please just enjoy the song, thanks. “ Listen to yo friends, when they said niggas ain’t shit..” (8/10)

7. Imagine

Is the first song walking into the club. It will automatically set the mood for a great night. I love how Doja is able to play with fun beats and her voice on different levels. It’s also impressive that there weren’t too many features on this album but I could have imagined SZA or SYD doing the Adlebs. Maybe I’m thinking too much, either way it would really make my day. (9.8/10)

8. Alone

This was a sensual ode to letting go of the attachment of others. At first I’m not even going to lie, I had to play it a few times to enjoy it alittle more. It’s when she said “UH” like Young Miami I almost fell Owut. Either way, it was a cute song. (6/10)

9. Kiss me more is so angelic, so whimsical, so sweet. I love this song along with the visuals to really give the girls something to look forward to EVERYTIME. Something about that Doja and SZA link it really does something for my spirit. It was giving “Succulent woman vibes” (10/10)

10. Up and down and tonight did not grow on me, I felt like they were very MID. (2 points for that Eve feature though)

Update: Up and Down is a bop (Period)

11. Ride should have been higher up on the album is she okay ? It was really the placement of the album that really made this review alittle more critical than needed BUT, it matters. If I heard this 5 minutes into the album I’d be more excited to what’s to come. This song is super dope because she spoke with Konshens earlier into her career so she is very familiar with the reggae beats.

12. Why Why- This song is a curve ball, I can tell this didn’t take as much time but maybe that works for Miss.Cat. For me, if I had a song with Gunna I would name it something more creative so he can find cool words to go with the theme. It felt alittle lazy but I REALLY love the beat so feel free to bump this in the car but with the windows down. You’re welcome.

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  1. I loved this album so much! 100% agree with your breakdown.

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