Set the tone: Self Love Intentions

I intend to be more patient with the things I love because it requires support to evolve into the person you’d like to be.

I am more compassionate about others responsibilities to themself, the world does not revolve around me.

I know what kind of love I desire and it feeds my highest good.

I’m aware of my power in my dynamics so I’m able to show up as my true self to share my light with others.

I am at peace within myself and I will make an effort to surround myself with like minded beings.

I use my creative ability to cultivate conscious, interactive, and exciting relationships that allows growth and wisdom for years to come.

I intend to uplift but not take on the weight of others but to encourage them to live a fruitful life they deserve. Knowing when to disconnect is self love.

I intend to not project my personal feelings on others who are not deserving of unstable energy. I make a conscious effort to not trauma bond but to simply share this beautiful story of life that is totally worth the lessons.

What is love to you?

Love is an experience that is always in motion. Some days it may be sweet as your favorite fruit platter and other days you may have a hard time getting to that core. Things between you and the things you love may not always align but the respect should always remain. Respect others time and presence while they’re sharing it with you, it will save a lot of tears in the long run.

Love is knowing when you’re able to watch your fruit grow without pressure on how the process should be. The over consumption with perfectionism is causing a huge disconnect between love and possession. Beautiful and fulfilling things take time. You have to just sit back and enjoy the process while you nurture your garden (self).

How have you experienced love in the past? Has it changed?

Love in the past had been extremely conditional as long as the other person was cool with my decisions which can vary on the situation but conditions remind me of a list of rules I cannot comply with, sorry. I’ve been able to distinguish when things are not authentic. It’s been brutally life changing realizing how much of my Leo moon shines through when I make decisions from a higher perspective.

Do you feel deserving?

Being deserving is knowing what you enjoy. I’m a cancer of course I love love but I think there’s so many layers to this love shit that makes a lot of people give up. I’ve been facing my fears of not fully enjoying what love has to offer which sucks sometimes but with time I’ve been learning that this is an experience that comes and goes you have to always be firm when things go easily. It just shows how fragile certain connections are and it’s not worthy of your love. I deserve warm, peaceful, humorous, memorable, enlightening love. When you’re deserving of certain things you assume the position as such, so yeah.

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