Grand Rising Goddess!

The past few weeks has been filled with so much transformational energy. From the Capricorn new moon to the moon moving into Gemini, it’s been giving dead end vibes lol. You’ve been doing a great job at setting the tone for who you’re becoming and what you will tolerate in this next chapter. It took alot of courage to do so and I’m so proud of you for not running away from facing the demons first hand.

For a very long time, you’ve allowed others to convince you that you’re insane for recognizing when things are completely inhumane. As of now, you’re no longer afraid of who you are. Embracing the characteristics of self that makes you feel at home within your body is truly rewarding. You asked God to humble you in moments where you were cornered by every attack inflicted onto you. His way of humbling you was allowing you to continuously shine that light of yours. Although it was upsetting the demonic people around you, it has allowed you to not shrink to make them feel comfortable in moments they intentionally tried to break your spirit.

Affirmations that helps me to reclaim my power when the shift happens:

  • I am a powerFUL spirit
  • I am a peaceFUL spirit
  • I am fully aware of the energy I bring and it doesn’t need to be shared with those who are not conscious
  • I no longer feel bad about standing up for myself because nobody does it better than me
  • I will give myself time to analyze my emotions because they are valid
  • I am divinely protected and there’s no need to embrace fear when God is by my side @ all times
  • I am very selective of who I chose to spend my time and energy because my energy is exclusive
  • I chose courage over comfort in order to continuously evolve
  • I am brave and bold in my pursuit of my BEST life
  • I am unique and I will no longer try to relate to everyone because that’s not my job
  • I will detach myself from those who cannot respect my boundaries and my time
  • I am changing the world by changing my life in small ways daily

Dear God,

Thank you for giving me the courage to be fully present within this beautiful life you’ve chosen for me. In times of need, I call onto you for guidance and a peace of mind and you’ve been able to take away any worries of mine by listening to what my heart always wanted which is peace. You’ve protected me from my enemies and sheltered me from any harm that has been sent my way. I thank you for providing protection when projection was present, I thank you for the endless love that I’ve been given, I thank you for the wisdom you’ve granted me with in order to see the light in times of darkness, and I thank you for cleansing my heart, mind, and soul to always love and to be aware of my actions towards others who simply do not have good intentions towards me. I pray that you allow them the peace that they need in order to ascend one day. During this time I ask you to keep me focused healing self, finding a stronger will, and accessing my personal power. Thank you for the confidence, the wisdom and the peace you’ve granted me to do so.

Amen 🕊

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