Gratitude Is The Highest Latitude

“Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.”

– Roy T. Bennett

Today’s the day of the opening of the Lions Gate portal. It’s a great time to manifest your highest dreams and aspirations and put it in writing. Sometimes we try to keep everything bottled up mentally and expression is the best way to release your habits of overthinking. Take some time today to write down 8 things you’re releasing, 8 things you’re grateful for in present tense , and 8 things you’re thankful for in past tense as if it has already happened. Be as expressive,creative, and imaginative as you can be and DO NOT shrink your thoughts even if you think it’s too far fetch. Release what the haters think and say of you and just be that bitch, they’re going to be mad anyway so why not make yourself happy within the process. Everything happens in time, in increments, with effort and faith within self. Embrace that Inner God, Goddess and magician and allow yourself to be free from the idea of limitation. Apart of being a magician requires you to embrace your present and future self as if he/she/they are already here. Your role is to believe that the things that you desire are real, attainable, and well deserved!

lat·i·tude/ˈladəˌt(y)o͞od/- scope for freedom of action or thought.

Here are a few journal prompts to help you brainstorm these life you wish to receive:

• What are you grateful for as of now ?

• If you can change one thing about your current reality what would it be ? Also, what will it take for you to do so?

• Are those who are around you adding value to your life ?

• Are you willing to sacrifice a version of your old self to welcome the new version in ?

• Do you feel deserving of the life you wish to live ?

• What is your dream job / career ?

• Where is your dream home located ?

• Do you want to be in a partnership ? If so, what kind of partner do you desire ?

• Do you want to be a parent or a pet owner ? ( No judgements here lol)

• Are you healed or healing from your past ? If so, what are some effective ways to heal yourself whenever needed ?

• What habits are you letting go of ? What habits would you like to embrace ?

• What are some things you can do to improve your physical health ?

• How do you define success ?

• What are some ways to improve your happiness on a daily basis ?

• What affirmation will help boost your confidence within this next chapter of your life ?

8 things I’m grateful for 8/8/21

I’m soul grateful for wisdom to know right from wrong. There’s been so many instances where I utilized my wisdom to not make impulsive decisions that would sabotage the things that makes me happy.

I’m soul grateful for love, the endless effort to show someone that conditions are a way of control and I’m open to loving freely as long as we respect each others boundaries.

I’m soul thankful for my apartment, I’ve been able to cultivate so many loving connections within this home. After growing up in broken households, I’ve been able to create the home that makes me feel whole.

I’m soul thankful for my health and wellness. To be able to wake up everyday with all my senses and limbs in tact.

I’m soul thankful for a peace of mind. In times of chaos I do my best to not make irrational decisions and trust in God/the Divine to guide me through.

I am soul thankful for this abundant life, I am rich in spirit.

I’m soul thankful for my spirit and my sense of humor, in these times you have to find the light in dark situations.

I’m soul thankful for my ambition, I strive to provide the best version of myself which requires my willpower to know and go for what I want willingly.

Now it’s your turn to affirm the energy, the life, the peace, and the blessings that you desire. Don’t be afraid of your capability, you are a walking manifestation. It is totally okay to believe in your illusions, turn them into your reality and embrace that shit. This life is yours and you gata be about it, this is your chance. Do it for you!

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    Thank you for the journal points!

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      You’re welcome sis, I’d love to hear your responses if you decide to try them out πŸ₯°

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