If we cling to the past we limit ourselves from experiencing what’s to unfold in the future. Every stage of life is beautiful even if we don’t necessarily feel that. The moon is currently in Leo which is allowing me to reflect on my old self and how much I’ve been able to transmute over the years. Within the past 6 years, I’ve built a business on my own, moved across the country on my own, found my true identity outside of my parents, and I learned how to utilize my strengths and weaknesses for the betterment of my evolution.

With all the wins there was a great influence of loss when I sabotaged my opportunities to just focus on the goals I wanted to reach. My emotions were one of my biggest downfalls because I tend to give up way too easily but I release the spirit of self sabotage. It has became such a norm to give up because in my personal life I felt extremely empty and there were times when I felt like there was no reason to be here. Discovering my purpose has opened my mind up to a lot of things and although there are times when I feel defeated I do my best to find effective solutions for my sorrow.

Dear Old me,

You did the best you can do with the cards you were dealt with. I know you wish you had more love and unity within the home and parents who were selfless and empathetic but you are so loved. You’ve done a great job at writing your wrongs in situations where you allowed your ego to get in the way but just remember that you’re human and if things are meant to be it will find it’s way to the finish line. Always remember it’s not your responsibility to show others how to be humane, your only obligation is to tell it straight. Your words are sharp, your mind is powerful, and your heart is huge, value that shit because it’s rare. You’re victorious and you’ve always found a way to reinvent yourself to connect with higher beings who truly want to teach and heal you. The love that surrounds you is impeccable because your energy is magnetic, people enjoy who you truly are as long as you do. In this next chapter, be more patient with yourself, but also be mindful of others feelings in the process. I know you’ve been hurt ALOT but don’t turn into the person that hurt you, be better than that. Continue to be your most creative and loving self, and don’t allow the outside world to make you feel like you have to turn down your light, bump that shit up honestly lol. Anyways girl, you know what to do. If you’re going to do this shit, do it FULL speed, and don’t look back after this. Always remember who you are and where you come from and be the living example of the love you’ve always needed. Be safe and stay FOCUSED!


Jestine Jonel

Thank you to everyone who has tuned into this chapter, it’s been quite revealing but also extremely humbling. I’m super grateful for this gift to transparently share my experiences/thoughts with you. I’ll see you in Chapter 2 🤞🏾

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  1. That letter to your old self hit home! Such a beautiful way to honor your past self and embrace what’s next.

    1. Thank you beautiful, we have to speak life into ourselves for more blessings to come ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿพ

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