FreeDOM- the ability to dominate your freewill to be your authentic self.

As a Goddess, you must value quality over quantity while embracing the freeDOM within your mind, body, and soul. The more that you are free, the less you worry about the ideal version of things. You are aware that everything will play out within divine timing so it’s your duty to enjoy the fruits of your labor. The only sense of control that we have is creation. Even those little scenarios we create within our mind can be controlled by creating a life you dream of. Exclude the nightmares and embrace your wildest dreams because you fucking deserve it. Why spend your life waiting around for things to fall into your hands when you have the power to create? Spirit is urging us to release all of what we’ve been drowning in for the past few years and create a Nu way of life. Waiting for someone to come back or to apologize is an exchange of ego in rotation. It adds no value to your life because honestly what is for you will simply be. As we continue to move through our journey of life, the more joy we find in the creation of the evolved self. Fixating on the end result will keep you in a dark and enclosed box. Focus on your higher self and stay away from the limiting beliefs that you were once taught or people who think in limitation.

Here are a few ways you can utilize your creativity this week:

Create a meal for yourself or a loved one 🥘

Be creative with your choice of ingredients and create an intention to make the meal out of love. Play some soothing music to help you focus on the creation of this meal and place each portion of the meal nicely on a plate. Cooking is a great way to be creative especially when you have the freedom to cook alone or with someone that helps you bring out your Top Chef.

• 🍂 Create your Fall Playlist 💽

After months of Healed Girl Summer, we are now approaching the Fall season in North America. It’s time to curate your Fall playlist with new sounds to enjoy during this chapter of your life. Personally I’ve outgrown a lot of artist so I’ve deleted a good amount of music from my Apple Music to make room for music that speaks more to my spirit. As a music connoisseur, I’m always on the look out for new music to consume on a daily basis. This is a perfect time to set the tone for the next few months with music that truly speaks to you, have fun with it!

Create Nu Memories 📹

Now that Quarantine is finally over, it’s time to get back out and live life alil bit. Plan an outing with friends/family that allows you to put your phone down and enjoy the moment unless you’re taking selfie’s of course. Don’t settle for anything you’ve done before, try to do something out of your element like apple picking or something fun. As the weather begins to change, I’ll encourage you to do the same and find nu ways to create memories to look back on in a few years.

I’m sending lots of love and creative juices your way. Tap into your creative ability to bring forth the projects/interest you’ve always wanted to present to this world and have some fun. Apart of finding your purpose requires movement and like the weather you most be in motion. That’s the energy for this week, stay tuned for more downloads from DeFINE Feminine 🕊

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