The Universe within Self

“When we repress our emotions or suppress our emotional content, whatever we are denying accumulates weight, or what I call vibrational density. This heaviness can take on many forms. But in all cases, it impedes your spirit’s natural ability to shine.”
Panache Desai

October is the 6th universal month which will allow you to see the tone for the 6th universal year (2022). This year has been an extended preparation for what’s to come in the next few months and its been extremely transformational for those who did the work, the shadow work of course. The number 6 represents your sacral chakra which will allow you to tap into your true wants and needs within your reality. This month’s InnerG will help you to be more compassionate towards self. You’ll be able to make better decisions based on how you feel vs doing what others will approve of once you embody more awareness of who you truly are. Stop allowing the judgment of others to detour you from showing up in your truth, people are going to talk shit regardless but its all about you making wise choices so you’ll have less mess to clean up in the end. Often we keep up a false narrative to play it safe while hurting ourselves, because we’re afraid of how it will look to others. Fuck the illusion and create your own reality. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase who you truly are without any guilt tied to it. Libra season allows us to Unleash our Inner Goddess by exercising our creative abilities to cultivate connections with those who truly matter : This isn’t the time to be thinking about your toxic ethos. If you have been holding off on having a conversation with someone close to you, find a way to break the silence, and speak your mind from a place of love. People aren’t able to read your mind, especially when you’re physically or emotionally isolated. It’s advised to clear the air so you can move on and heal from past conflicts. You’ve evolved from environments that you’re no longer in. There’s no need to look back and reminisce. Digging up old dirt just gets messy, and what does that do for your spirit?



the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of physical, especially sexual, pleasure

My partner and I recently relocated and moved into our first home and it’s been so peaceful because we’ve created the balance that is needed to cultivate a calm safe haven for us to coexist. This has given me the opportunity to have compassionate conversations pertaining to finances without feeling like the world is sitting directly on my shoulders. Prior to this move, I’d resort to having emotional outburst out of frustration which just made me feel worse about not meeting my own goals. I no longer resort to escapism because I feel more established within myself without having to avoid what’s in my reality. It is extremely pleasing to have balance within the home and to be able to not worry about things that I cannot control. For the past month, I’ve been spending time resting, writing, being creative, and nurturing the home instead of being anxious about finding a new job. I know many women do not have the luxury to do this but I honor my needs by doing what my intuition calls me to do. Even if it feels weird at first. The old me would have been filling out job applications back to back in order to fill the void of not having all the money I need. Despite not having income coming in every week, I’ve never felt more abundant in my life. Having the bare necessities like food, water, electricity and love has fulfilled me for the time being. I find that it’s easy for me to utilize my sacral chakra when I have less bills to pay and more time to be creative. Not on no sugar baby shit, but I’m creating something more substantial than a closet full of Chanel bags and Jimmy Choo shoes. All though these things sound good it’s not as fulfilling as being in harmony with your mind, body, and spirit.

” Imbalances can manifest in both spectrums and lead to emotional outbursts or an apathetic or disconnected attitude “.

Money was once a fulfilling tool to keep me happy then I realized how empty I’d feel once it was gone ; it was a temporary fix. I feel like I entered adulthood at a very young age and it has caused me to feel a blockage in my sacral chakra area because I had way more financial responsibilities than I could bare. Student loans, phone bill, credit cards, etc, at 19 years old was alot for me to handle and my parents were too busy making sure that they lived their lives to the fullest to noticing how unhappy I truly was. It took a while for me to realize that my financial woes was causing me to feel less sexy, creative, and sensual. It took me a while to truly embody my femininity out of guilt of not being “financially stable”. Once I was confident enough to vocalize this to my partner, he was able to empathize and inner stand that I was taking on more than I could handle which left less room for my femininity to flow. Sometimes when you have an imbalance within your self, it will cause you to feel less worthy of nice things so you’ll find destructive ways to fill voids that are only temporarily fulfilling. Doing my shadow work helped me to realize that I was extremely worrisome and insecure about what I was capable of being if I wasn’t able to take care of myself emotionally, financially, physically, and mentally, which left no room for me to know how it would feel to be in the position to be free. I learned that letting go of the past is sexy, resting is sexy, and allowing your loved ones to help you is extremely sexy.

Be present.
Receive and recharge.
Ground and connect.

Growing up, I’ve seen my mom and grandmother take on more responsibilities than they could handle which caused them to be emotionally imbalanced. It played a huge part in why they had a hard time being emotionally present and aware of their children’s needs. Seeing this caused me to grow up thinking that I NEEDED to get a job at 16 so that I can be self sufficient, without realizing that I was abandoning my needs of finishing high school and enjoying the last few years of being a teenager. Once I began dating, I I had a hard time allowing my partners to take care of me fianancially because I thought it was my responsibility even when they offered. As I became a woman I gained perspective on what roles people needed to play in my life if they wanted to stat in my life. I realized that I was repeating history by giving away my body / sacred energy to men who weren’t deserving of me, while still working overtime to handle all of my financial responsibilities. I was doing a disservice to myself. All I knew was to give without receiving. I realized that was not what I needed to be the Goddess that I wanted to be. I began leaving relationships that was not in alignment with who I was becoming because it required an abundant and optimistic mind to be with me. Back then, my partners of choice were often very depressed, broke, and insecure. I eventually realized that I was only there to uplift them and bring them joy. Once I stepped into my power I was completely turned off to those who brought nothing to the table. At first, I was exhausted, lonely, and broken, but I had to learn that your partner’s role is to help you feel more at peace, happy within your being, safe, and loved. However you define these things within your life you can express these wants and needs to your partner without feeling like you’re a burden. It’s not always about making tons of money, it’s about how the person you’re the most intimate with is willing to listen to your needs and helps you to find a balance. Knowing your worth is apart of being a Goddess. If your intuition is telling you this is not enough for you to thrive then speak up. You are in full control of your destiny and you can pivot at any point and time. Once you set the tone for the people who are in your life, you will begin to attract more positive, loving, high vibrational beings like yourself. You are not tied to the past, you are bigger than the wounds that were once yours.





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