“Being grounded and whole is what makes me beautiful. If I don’t feel grounded and whole, I can get there just by being still, breathing, listening to my intuition, and doing what I can to be kind to myself and others.”

I woke up this rising reflecting on the different aspects of my body that I love. The more that I’m able to feel connected to my body the more that I’m able to appreciate the aspects of self that I once took for granted. Every part of me was made in the vision that God has prepared for me to embrace. Many times we are too blinded by what others deem as perfection that we forget that you were made in the image of God which makes us HUMANE. Your body deserves love because it’s a gift made just for you. Life is too short to be obsessing over the abstract visual of perfection, trust the wisdom of your body and enjoy the aspects of you that makes you different.

I love my skin ; the texture, the shade, the richness of it all

I love my smile; it lights up a room when I walk in

I love my stretch marks; they represents the fact that I’m growing into the woman I was destined to become

I love my eyes, they’re enticing and flirty which I enjoy having as an asset

I love my lips, they’re perfectly full and juicy

I love my breast, at first they weren’t the size of my desire but once I became a woman I realized I would eventually grow into my body

I love my navel, its nice and cute & small

I love my vagina, she helps me to make intuitive decisions from a place of love + she holds space for me to conceive a child one day.

I love my voice, so calm and inviting for others to feel comfortable speaking to me

I love my legs ; they’re nice and strong. With them, I’m able to navigate life effortlessly.

What are 1️⃣ 0️⃣ things you love about your sacred body?

Check out this link for 100 Body Positive Affirmations for you to recite to yourself when you’re feeling discouraged:

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