Venus in Sagg activates the optimism and vitality within you that is needed to breakthrough any boundaries that is holding you back from being the star that you truly are. Saggitarius is a mutable fire sign that supports the truth seeking and adventurous side of you. This is a perfect time to focus on your truth vs the lies you tell yourself to feel a sense of comfort in your misery. Yes bitch I said it, loosen up. Get out the house and interact with your community or someone that peaks your interest, and let go of the idea of self that has kept you in a limiting mental space.

Every Saggitarius that I’ve met in this lifetime has been the life of the party and it was so pleasing to see them in their true element. When a Saggitarius is happy they are the most generous, loving individuals you’ll ever meet but try to stay on their good side because their passion can go from 100-0 real quick. They’re known to lose interest in those who aren’t as enthusiastic as they are because they are always ready to do something fun. So be prepared for ANYTHING when you fuck around with a Sagg. Venus is in Sagg from October 7th-November 5th,2021 which brings lots of spontaneous and adventurous InnerG. Sometimes we need a little reminder that life doesn’t always have to be heavy all the time and you’re allowed to have a little fun. Be a little reckless and let loose. You’ve been able to use discernment by separating your wants and needs so now it’s time to explore Nu ways of indulging in what we call “Pure bliss”.

As a Cancer, I’ve spent the majority of my life being extremely protective of myself and those around me. I feel like I’ve missed out on embracing the aspects of life that doesn’t require me to carry my pain and suffering as a badge of honor. That doesn’t make you more interesting, more beautiful, or more money. It just weighs you down and ages you and who wants that? There were many times that I could have let loose a bit and lived in the moment but I was concerned about taking risks and losing everything I’ve worked so hard to build. But why would God do that to me? I forget sometimes that I never have to prove to God who I truly am because he knows my true intentions so there’s no reason to be so guarded about things that intrigue me.

During this time, I’ve been releasing alot of my old habits that I’ve been harboring in that hold me back from being more social and interactive with people who are share the same interests as me. Recently I decided to join Bumble BFF and it’s been an interesting experience. I’ve tried online dating in the past and I’ve been successful enough to meet my partner of almost two years. Bumble has created an opportunity for men and women to cultivate friendship connections with those who live nearby and its been dope finding women who are seeking friends to explore fun things to do around the city and share common interests. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s been really hard to meet new people so I decided to stepped out of the box and found a new way to connect from light hearted and spontaneous space. I find that if you keep yourself in a box ( the house/ your thoughts) , that’s exactly where you’ll stay and I’ve been that person for far too long. It’s time to take myself out of imprisonment and break free from version of myself that was too afraid to seek new connections that brings out the best in me.

Beyond meeting new potential bestiees, I’ve created a list of fun things I want to try while Venus is in Sagg because why not right? I’ve been interested in indoor sky diving, creating some fun photoshoots with myself, and discovering new restaurants and attractions in my city with my partner. Utilize the beautiful InnerG during this transit by giving up your usual boundaries and embrace NU ways of living by checking a few things off your bucket list. Forgive yourself for the time you’ve lost trying to heal from the moments that you we’rent able to be enthusiastic about life. Heartbreak is not a life sentence. Give yourself the permission to try new experiences that are healthy and freeing to your soul. Be open to NU discoveries of self. You’ll be surprised at what you’ve put off because of your experience in the past. Saggitarius is big Yang InnerG. Utilize this time to be ambitious about the things you want to accomplish within this lifetime and be enthusiastic about it. Leave your doubts in the past and go after the things that you are worthy of experiencing.

Recite these affirmations in a calm and welcoming tone to welcome in this Nu InnerG:

I am open to renewal by allowing old beliefs to fall away

I am free to allow others of their freedom

I will no longer label myself as someone of my past, I am bigger than that

I understand that those that no longer connect to my vision has served their purpose, I release them from living in my head rent free

I am an evolving spirit and I will move with the time and trust that everything will work out in my favor

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  1. I love this article. Itโ€™s very insightful and refreshing! Big Venus in Sag innerg, letโ€™s have some fun ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿฝ

    1. I’m so happy you enjoyed this read, yess it’s time to have a little fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

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