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This is a great time to return to self and to find new ways to ground yourself in ways that allows you to grow. Learning how to return to self can be humbling because it is forcing you to unlearn more of the toxic traits you’ve picked up over the years. Send that shit back to its sender. You will begin to realize how much you’ve outgrown using certain coping mechanisms just to feel protected and safe. It is important to find new ways of creating a safe space for your thoughts ( mind), body ( your physical self), and spirit (your innerG) to thrive. If you feel like you have shit to say to someone that needs to be humbled this would be a great time to do so. Be clear about your intentions even if it’s not to the person directly if you’re not in communication and you don’t desire to be, speak your truth in a voice note, create a personal vlog, or journal your very own diss track. I find that this method allows you to vocalize how you truly feel about projected emotions that you’re not deserving of. In life sometimes we’re not aligned to have continuous relationships with toxic people because they simply don’t know how to make you feel safe and that’s okay. Knowing this you’ll be challenged to find people who will protect and value you at all cost. Don’t be afraid of what that will feel like.

During this season I’m being humbled tremendously because of my bad habit of being quick witted with my words. I’m learning that I need to be more aware of the things that I say to others just because I’m capable of doing so. Growing up, my mom use to say really fucked up things to me and I couldn’t wait to grow up and find my voice so that I’m able to clap back at anyone that made me feel small. Honestly, it’s not something Im proud of and I don’t want to become like the person that hurt me the most so I’m making a conscious effort to be the best version of ME by being honest about why I’ve resorted to certain defense mechanisms so that my loved ones are able to help me find new ways to chose a better solution. During this time I’ll be taking more time with my approach to expressing myself in a way that’s healthy for my loved ones to coexist around me in harmony. Although I enjoy being snarky, I realized that for those that think highly of me, it’s unnecessary to be a smart ass in every setting. Learning that knowing the time and place is something that comes up in many stages of life, will really humble yo ass. I think sometimes we think that the healing process is a 1-2-3 process but in reality sometimes it takes years for you to realize that you are carrying dead weight of an issue that you weren’t aware was an issue until it was reflected back onto you. You can run but you can’t hide so slow down and pace yourself through this process.Tis the season to do onto those that you’d like to be done onto you. The holidays are coming up, please tap into that throat chakra and clear out any pain that you’ve been harboring for a minute. You don’t want to slip up and ruin a good moment because you’re still bitter about some shit you experienced many moons ago. Learn how to acknowledge your roots, show gratitude for how far you’ve came,and move forward without becoming the person you despise. If you’re a creative being, you will experience more flow in your creativity with this Full Moon along with Venus aligning in Capricorn. I feel like sometimes we allow the imposter syndrome to take over us when it pertains to our creative ideas. You have the ability to be consistent, inspired, and optimistic about your future so visualize what that will look like for you. Create more space for you to be the free spirit that you’ve always wanted to be without identifying or embodying the trauma you’ve held on to so tightly. Let’s focus on the future and release the past shall we?

  • What helps me feel grounded and centered?
  • What do I need to feel more stable and secure?
  • What am I willing to face and resolve so I can move forward?
  • What boundaries do I need to set in order to bloom more fully?
  • Where do I need to slow down in my life and not be in such a rush?
  • Am I using all the resources available to me to help reach my goals?
  • What do I value most in myself?
  • How am I keeping in touch with my creative side?

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  1. Lovely post! Thank you for the prompts as well.
    Definitely a humbling time, but needed to regroup & rebuild

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