So last night I decided to tune into my very first twitter spaces conversation it prompted me to write this blog post because the community is so problematic for so many reasons. When I got into spirituality I was introduced to the Hood healer and it was so refreshing having someone that I was able to relate to in terms of her being a black woman that wanted to help guide and connect with other black people who were in need of guidance and was willing to do the work. As black people there are very minimal visual representations of realistic progression that isn’t tied to fucking with a basketball player, foot ball player, or a rapper so I was thrilled to follow her along her journey as she progressively evolved into the woman she aspired to be. Her predictions on the recent COVID-19 pandemic was extremely impactful because back in 2019 my ass was buying everything in bulk which lead to it coming a norm to always have something alittle extra in the pantry/ freezer. As she began to grow, she became more comfortable with speaking openly on her platform about triggering topics such as the being black before you’re gay, politics, sex work, postpartum depression and many more. Unfortunately, we live in a society that has been conditioned to be be highly sensitive and entitled so speaking on those topics caused her to gain lots of followers and also lots of haters. She then transitioned into motherhood which was extremely beautiful but she briefly shared that she no longer cared to share her innerG on the instagram platform because it was becoming too much of a hassle with the restrictions instagram began to implement. With that, she has transitioned to Onlyfans which has allowed her to connect to her core community/folllowing and from the looks of it, she seems pretty happy with that. There’s been less chatter about her commentary and more of her sharing the beautiful moments she’s experiencing through motherhood and being a wife. I’m happy to be able to see her transition because she is the true definition of unhinged and the internet as a whole isn’t ready for that level of duality.

Last night I was able to get to know more about the drama that was going on with the astrologers who are still working their way up and it really put alot of things into perspective for me. The main two people who we’re being called to speak in the twitter space was Jade, and Kemi Marie. Jade happens to be Sza’s personal astrologer and she has built her following by studying and sharing astrology with many people from various countries with the help of her twitter platform. She’s been able to accumulate 140k followers on twitter and she created a cult following that truly is supportive of her teachings. I love to see black women study and focus in on things that they’re passionate about and eventually not having to apply for a job again because of their success. Jade chimed into the space by gracing her presence in a very political way, it was very much so giving Barack Obama vibes but I’m aware that she’s a very intelligent woman and with that her speech is very eloquent but I can’t lie I was giggling at her intro. Her fans embraced her like that episode of Spongebob when Kevin the cucumber was interacting with his meeps.

So apparently, the spaces was created so that her fans can discuss on the accusations that were surrounded around Jade stealing content from black creators pertaining to numerology, astrology,ect ( which she announced were false ) along with her addressing the beef that has transpired between her and a former friend/business partner Kemi Marie. Kemi is a Holistic practitioner and earth based healer who has been able to accumulate 300k followers on twitter by sharing their thoughts on wellness, holistic care and self exploration.

I find it very strange that these people who seem to have been friends offline happened to have this information being brought to twitter. I feel likes there’s no sense of exclusivity anymore when it pertains to friendship. Everything is always in need of receipts instead of people allowing space for a conversation to be had. Despite what the rumors consisted of, why wasn’t this discussed via text ? I personally prefer text if I know that the context of the conversation can be easily misconstrued over the phone. Often people can mix up your words or gaslight you on the phone to the point that you somewhat loose track of your original statement out of projected guilt.

Recently, Kemi tweeted that they confided in Jade and another tarot reader that goes by the name of “Tarot by Bronx” and the information was used to spread lies about her. Bronx released a very pitiful statement about the accusations formed around her charging way too much for readings which was one of the issues that came up with the Hood Healer during the pandemic when her readings went up to $500 per session. As a business person, it’s good to charge your worth but there’s a fine line between greed and doing things with integrity. Peronally, I don’t think Bronx charges too much for reading because tarot readings can range between $5-$5000 just depending on who you’re seeking the information from. I think her demographic isn’t able to afford $200 readings from her and that’s real because they’re listed as 20 minute readings which gives off BIG SKYAMMA VIBES, but who am I right ? ๐Ÿ™‚ As time progresses, you should charge more for your work, but if you’re not Atleast dedicating an hour of your time why should I cough up $200 for you to tell me shit that I probably already know but I’m being alittle stupid right now?!?! I think it’s extremely unethical to capitalize off of people who genuinely want to support you and you see nothing wrong with how you’re going about your business practices. I see why they’re friends now 🙂

But in retrospect to how it could have been resolved, I find it interesting that Jade had the opportunity to talk to this them (Kemi) who was clearly hurting and she IMMEDIATELY shut her down along with the rest of the meeps who were running the room and by telling her we can speak about this in private for the sake of her brand. I was so disgusted by that response because it was giving guilty vibes and I didn’t want to believe that someone who is involved in spirituality should know how much that can fuck with someones psyche. I personally don’t fuck with people that can do things to you in private and they’re not able to address it publicly because they’re trying to protect their image. To later find out through the spaces convo that Kemi was assaulted and it was passed around in convo from two women is highly unethical and they deserve to be held accountable for the lack of sensibility that took part in this situation ( I know people identify as others but these are two people with vaginas so kiss my ass with the misgendering bs). Let’s take away the fact that there were also about 2k people in the spaces chat and about 4-5 people moderating which made it even more problematic and biased. The main thing about this whole exchange that there was so sense of accountability nor empathy for Kemi Marie which comes off very desensitized and inhumane. If someone feels like they want to use their platform to express themselves they shouldn’t be silenced and the moderators we’re policing the fuck out of Kemi once she began to question Jade about why she decided to share very personal info with others. Even if it was out of spite, what did she gain from being so malicious? That shit definitely backfired once she realized that people can sniff bullshit from a mile away and we will not support your antics because you are associated with known people.

This is the one

I think the internet creates a false illusion of reality to the point that real people and real lives exists offline and they can be effected by the careless things you chose to do because of your ego. Accumilating lot’s of followers has really gassed these people up so much that they’re doing business with no integrity and it’s sickening that so many people fall for the scenes because of how big their platform is by giving them the opportunity to get rich off of your need to devote time to worship and praise them for their talents all day instead of figuring out your own purpose and finding a way to level up in a ethical way yourself. Looking up to people who are following their own blueprint will cause you have to revisit if you really stand by the things that they subscribe to so it’s best to take the info that’s being provided and to not attach yourself to people outside of your tribe. Virtual friendships can be solely motivated by how others can benefit from your presence/platform. True love exists offline and that’s why I truly respect how the Hoodhealer went about her career as a spiritualist. Have a plan, execute that shit, and pour into your loved ones. All this drama is so unnecessary especially when you realize that people are extremely robotic when it pertains to addressing things that may alter their character. If you’re not able to embrace your truth then who are you forreal ? That’s my thoughts on the Astro Table Talk Spaces.

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  1. Whew! I truly canโ€™t understand why adults donโ€™t understand the concept of discussing differences face to face or at the bare minimum in confidence. But I believe in these matters, itโ€™s more about damage control than anything else because the reality is that they have a business to run. For all of that hire a publicist and have them handle your consumers & you actually be REAL and again have a convo with that person in confidence. But hey! easier said than done right? I too admire Hood healers contribution to society and the way she decided to gracefully bow out of the antics that are social media. Some day, I wonder will everything pure be tainted by people not knowing how to get off these damn apps and go back to a time where we really discussed things from a place of truly wanting to understand one another & not just โ€œclapping back.โ€ But I digress. Loved your take on this

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