One of my first connections to spirit was my awareness of emotions. Being intuned with my emotions are my birth right. The younger me couldn’t control them but I was aware that I felt more than alot of people around me. As I got more in depth with the subject by studying my birth chart and pretty much getting all the tea on why I personally connect to particular things in life I realized that my emotions were a vital part of my existence. From a very young age, I loved Green. Everything I saw that was in the shade of green whether it was lime or pine green, I felt very drawn to it. I was able to decide what kind of outfits I preferred based on the color, texture and overall vibe based on how I felt when I imagined myself wearing each item. Everything that I am is connected to a group of characteristics that associates with how I emotionally connect the energy that exists in everything I come across. The same goes for astrology but sometimes astrology can create a very linear way of perceiving life based on a huge group of individuals that fall into the same zodiac sign as you.

Although figuring out how my birth chart associates with how I live my life was extremely fun, I began to get bored with tapping into zodiac readings on YouTube or on social media platforms because energy is so general and we’re all so unique in our own way as human beings.I had to stop and think about how these readings were playing out in my reality and to be quite frank, alot of them no longer resignate. The one thing that a chart can’t read is how you physically feel being you. Your birth chart can lead you towards your higher self based on the ego that comes with the sign that you fall into but it can’t describe your exact feelings and how you think based on how your body reacts to energy. This doesn’t mean that I no longer associate with the principles that astrology implements because honestly it helped me get to this point of awareness so I’m always grateful. But astrology does not connect me to the root of why I RESPOND as I do. Once I began using human design, it solidified a few things that really made alot of sense and very quickly. It didn’t feel like Pythagorean theorem, it felt like a rhetorical math problem which we all know is rare. Math is something that can be very abstract and may throw you off if you’re not aware of what you’re doing. So sometimes it’s best to get things broken down to the nitty gritty of the issue.WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? I feel like when you’re that aware that there is a blockage, you will be more open to what can be a possible solution.

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A few months ago, I decided to follow @iJaadeeastro on instagram and she has shared so much information on the human design concept. I was able to find tangible resources that has allowed me to reprogram my mind to learn a more simpler way to navigate my yes or no responses. I find that when I’m able to decipher between a yes or no response it gives me clarity to either do or not do shit that I don’t want to do instead of pondering on my decisions which drives anxiety for no reason. As a Manifesting Generator, I utilize my sacral authority.I’ve always had the ability to make logical decisions based on my sacral chakra aka my gut but because I tend to feel the emotions of others and I would internalize how they’d be impacted by my decisions, it would guilt trip me into thinking I’m being irrational when in all actuality, I’m doing what’s best for ME. 2022 is the perfect year to nurture, be responsible and be of service to self. I find that in the past I naturally was trying to navigate getting clarity of who I was and I wanted to help people along the way but now is the time to help myself. When you help yourself you help create a healthy environment for others to coexist so everything begins with YOU.

My authority begins with making decisions that aligns with my higher purpose and that’s fulfilling to me. Although I’m designed to connect with others, I’ve been able to connect with individuals naturally that aligns with who I am in essence. I don’t focus on the strategy of connection because it felt like I was intentionally trying to associate with people because it made me feel better having lot’s of people around me or contacting me on a consistent basis. I feel the resistance within self whenever I contact someone I shouldn’t be speaking with so I stopped reaching out. You know that gut feeling of regret when you reach out to someone when your body is telling you, don’t do that shit is very important to pay attention to. This can also play out in various situations as simple as me deciding where I’d like to eat or where I want to travel to next. If that gut feeling is telling me it’s not a good move, I’m staying put. If I’m having trouble making decisions because I’m forcing myself to do so, I give myself time to come up with my truth instead of rushing the process. At the end of the day, It’s my life. Why should I have to rush to please others ?

Rational consciousness is something that lot’s of manifesting generators embody. Although to the outside world the way that we navigate doesn’t make sense, we know how to attract the right energy just by existing in our truth. I strive to get to the bottom of the inner truth so sometimes it makes others uncomfortable because people enjoy living on the surface of life. As a manifesting gen, I have the ability to constantly think and reconsider without pride and ego involved because we are rational beings. Initially things may seem to feel uncertain but overtime I naturally change my mind and decide this isn’t as bad as I thought it was after all. Along with how we consciously think, we are aware that taking action in order to have things “our way” is an ego challenged way of thinking. Instead of trying to force things to go in your favor, allow it to play out and see how things fall into place naturally. In order to do this, we have to slow down. I find that my need to speed through everything I do because of my know it all attitude can cause alot of chaos or errors within the process. The fear of the unknown is troubling to me so I forget that my life progresses when I trust that whatever I want, I’ll get. With that being said, If you haven’t discovered your human design you can do so on the app. I discovered the “MyHumanDesign” app this week and I’m so happy that I discovered this. It has tons of features to help you discover how you respond and how your body reacts to different environments, people, foods,ect.

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  1. Aaaaaaand you’re back! This was a great read. I love that you talked about your journey with HD and how it has impacted the way you carry yourself.
    I can say I definitely notice a difference in your demeanour!
    It’s so important to pour into self and find ways that help us be our true and authentic selves and that’s what i appreciate the most about your platform; you’re always presenting new and innovative ways for us to do that!

    i’m also a manifesting generator who needs to do a little more research on my particular chart (thank you for the resources/app).

    1. Thank you my sista!
      I definitely took a different approach to life because the frustration I use to feel trying to force things to happen is no longer a factor so I thank God for that. Yes be sure to do some research on your design because once you know you wonโ€™t need to keep searching for the why youโ€™ll just KNOW ๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿ˜˜

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