Joe Kay 4 Hour Set: Dallas

I discovered Soulection back in 2010 on Soundcloud as I was browsing for eclectic versions of Lust for Life by Drake. Discovering so many artist simply by listening to his mixes has opened up so many doors of excitement from within, I’ve been hooked ever since. Mainstream media only recognizes big artist who are able to create jingle music in order to appease the collective but I’m the one to enjoy the rare gems that come my way. At the time as a collective, lime wire and frostwire was the go-to to make sure we had all the biggest tunes on our iPod. Pre streaming days we’re long and tedious and it created a generation of true music heads because of the amount of work we put in just to listen to it. Unfortunately I missed the walkman and CD player era but it’s essentially just as much work to maintain. Once I discovered that Soulection was on Apple Music it became an easier decision between the two. Music has such a huge influence on how we speak, think, and move through the world so I’ve always been into unique and soulful songs and beats. Over the last decade because the immense amount of straight garbage that we’ve consumed, I can easily appreciate a sound that was constructed with integrity. Sometimes I’d mentally block out the lyrics of a song to simply enjoy the amazing instruments used to create a masterpiece. And there are times when the lyrics are so unbearably horrible that I’d have to stare into space for a few seconds to decompress.

For the love of music, I’ve always been on a search for timeless sounds and forgotten gems because growing up as a millennial, we have seen music detioriate over the years due to streaming, artist no longer wanting to play into the industries standards, and honestly the inspiration just happens to no longer be there for good quality music because everything is so over produced. Autotune has done wonders for this generation but has also ruined the ability for artists to create authentic pieces because everything began to sound redundant. I feel like post pandemic has allowed for artist to really reflect on their brand and to assess what their brand will be going forward and it seems that they’re taking the approach to become more authentic and present with their sounds. I have a passion for quality music so I truly don’t mind listening to More life 6 times a week straight through because Drake created a timeless piece so that he’s able to simply put out fun, rapper music while he lives his life. Sometimes it can be a challenge being an artist and wanting to fully LIVE and be present so I can respect not releasing top tier albums every 6 months because, is that even realistic ?

On Friday,March 18th,2022 was the day that I was able to experience something I’ve anticipated more than going to Disney world. The infamous Joe Kay has taken his talents to the south and performed a 4hr set in Dallas, TX and it was one of the most magical moments I’ve had in a very long time. As a long time supporter of Soulection radio it was an honor to be in the presence of greatness along with the immense amount of true music lovers surrounding me. No aggression, no judgment, just FREEDOM of self and sound. From the moment I walked in, it felt like a sexy music video. Something like the vibe you got when Work by Rihanna & Drake dropped.The surround sound of popular mixes by Joe Kay from Kaytranda to Sango to Tobi Lou. This set was a unimaginable euphoric experience that you will never forget. Sharing that moment with my partner is what made it even more meaningful. With all that’s going on in the world, being able to be yourself and not having any judgment of what people are going to think is one of a kind. I look forward to more mixes from Joe Kay and any of his future creative endeavors.

Being able to be you while doing what you love is a gift from God. Something that nobody can TAKE from you. LIVE and fully LIVE in your power, you never know what can become of being your authentic self.

You can find Soulection on Apple Music & On Instagram @soulection

Shoutout to Joe Kay for putting the right InnerG into the world.

Music is Love.



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  1. Soul is making quite a comeback these days!

    1. And Iโ€™m so excited about it! Thank you for tuning in ๐Ÿ’œ

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