time /tīm/ – the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole.

You can have everything you’ve ever wanted and still find yourself in comparison mode. The daily challenge to live in the faith of God has allowed me to realize that everything that I experience is based on my perspective. The more that I go with the flow, the more peace I experience in my day to day life. Some things need to be left unsaid until it’s your time to shine. I find myself going in circles about how things have changed within me over time and it’s somewhat unreal how much has transpired both “good” and “bad”. I realized that I was tricked into thinking that if you’re patient with others, they’ll eventually come to their senses and the reality is that is a false mindset. Your personal beliefs of others does not determine their capabilities. All that we know as humans is that our efforts to being “good” will pay off someday.

Potential is only based on what you think versus what you’re willing to do. The willingness to provide the sense of awareness and security that we all crave is a one of a kind experience. 2020 was genuinely the beginning of the end of the life that we all once knew. The same routines and mindsets that has caused us to stay in the rotation has now been broken to create a brand new page. The blank page is the scariest part of the process because truthfully, not everyone is equip to create something out of nothing. The form-ula is to embody a resilient spirit within you. Despite all the scraps and errors that are made within the process, it’s so important to have faith in self in order to reach your highest potential.

Creating a new environment allowed me to think clearer, define love in my own way, and to be more present within each moment given. Within the energy of creation, the vision that’s being brought to life is such a trivial process. Being able to acknowledge the wins is expected but the losses are always so much more impactful because as humans we are conditioned to attach ourselves to people, places, and material possessions. Figuring out what your attachment style has been for many years will allow you to unlearn the ways that has kept you in the cycle. As humans we naturally go through the process of elimination many times before we get to a place of contentment.

I remember a few months ago, I was so restless not knowing what was next for me and just sitting at that blank page. I was so eager to fill my life with multiple things all at once to keep myself busy from being completely present within my reality. Back in 2021 I was so fixated on writing my first book. I made time to write and strategize how this book would come out and one day I just stopped. I invested so much time trying to get this book written because I wanted to show people that I can do it despite me having my blog that was inspired from a place of passion and for the love of writing.

I realized that the inspiration to write comes from my ability to live fully in my truth, and to love wholeheartedly as I naturally do. Suppressing the true essence of self and the process to become the version of you that you deserve is mental suicide. I use to beat myself up for not being consistent to publish my first book and then I had an epiphany that my drive comes from passion not desperation. Sometimes being your own critic feels like death, dehydration, and embodying a lack mindset. The solution is to create a more fluid mindset that leaves room for growth, bliss, and Love which can from within.

Everything begins from the root and begins to sprout out as time progresses. Whenever we begin something new there is a sense of excitement and anticipation towards the newness of it all but once it begins to grow, sometimes we loose that excitement because we’re not only excited but we were also in control. The energy of control is very limiting yet can make you very discipline towards how you view the world. Sometimes when you’re so focused on how you imagined things to be, you can easily end up in a cycle of disappointment. Wear your energy like your favorite shoes instead of having to force yourself into a pair that you’ve outgrew.

As you evolve walk in your path with grace, positivity, and optimism. You will experience the most ease by grounding yourself in your own roots and sprouting into the best version of you that you’re proud to be. Release the need to be in control and enjoy the experience of simply living. Through the ups and the downs, it is a blessing to be alive.There comes a time when you finally release yourself from the expectations that makes you feel trapped in a loop. It’s like listening to that one song that you downloaded on Apple Music on accident over and over again (that reminds me I need to delete a few songs now).

Everyday is an opportunity to learn more about what you’re willing to do to be you because getting to know self is an ongoing process. Give yourself time to bloom and release the idea of running of time. One day I’ll write a book and it will be amazing, until then I’ll continue to build, explore and create more versions of self that has yet to be discovered!



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