◦ I recently spoke to a friend who was in need of a therapist. I remember being in her position a few years ago, going through the motions of not trusting myself through this life experience. I wanted to speak to someone outside of my community because I felt like it was a burden to continuously speak on things that I KNOW. I realized that there’s nobody in the world that can define your experience but you. You may seek guidance to build the confidence through different experiences but you are the only person that can determine the energy you want to bring into existence.

Therapy can be a great source for those who need a sound board through finding their voice. Once you identify that, you have gained the strength to embark on your journey without the need to be told what to do. In my experience my 2 therapist that I spoke told me I was spoiled, and possibly resisting having children due to my experience growing up. Although these things may be true, I also feel like if I wasn’t aware of self I would have taken what was told to me as face value.When you’ve been through shit, you know how it feels to relive that moment every now and then. It feels like you’re a kid on a ride at an amusement park. Unleash Your Inner Child through this life force that lives within you and divert your attention to the moment that brings you nothing but peace.

Amuse– to divert the attention.

Sometimes you feel like you have no control of the speed because that’s the only experience we know. When it pertains to healing, guess what, you are in charge. You can ride, watch others ride, or do both. It’s totally up to you to decide. I’ve found so many ways of looking at the possibilities when I take another approach to this life shit.

Like do I continuously going on this ride and having to bring me to my most vulnerable place which is compatible to vomiting for 30 minutes straight. Thought development is such a vital skill and I’m so happy to be a writer because WOW lol. I love being able to come across cycles of challenges and enjoying the ride with the remote in my hands controlling the motion. The ride of life is all about knowing when to enjoy the motion even when you’re not in control by simply not engaging the things that brings you to your lowest. Aim for spiritually liberating experiences and you will receive just that.

I’ve lived many lifetimes by accumulating some really cool experiences that only my eyes can recall. Sometimes the moments that impacts us the most can only be remembered by how we visualized it, so visualize some more great things! The key is to surround create your own surround sound. Surround yourself with beautiful people, places, and things that harmonizes a lifetime full of sweet symphonies.

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  1. This is what I am struggling with right now. I have lost everything in the past year. I left an abusive husband. Kids moved out, I lost a sister, and a best friend. I am living in my car as of today, and I really needed to read this. Thank you.

    1. Iโ€™m so sorry that youโ€™ve experienced so much grief this year. Being able to get out of such a tumultuous relation will take some time to heal but it will give you time to grow and realize that letting go is necessary to evolve. I pray that you find a home that is safe and full of love very soon !! Thank you for reading , please be safe and trust your inner wisdom to move forward

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