Style /stīl/- a distinctive appearance, typically determined by principles according to which something is designed.

Style and fashion are one of the most fluctuating industries in the world. One day we’re rocking polka dots because it’s in and the next decade, all black is a mood. With so many influences and icons floating through the world, it has allowed for many of us to step outside our comfort zone.

The MAIN question is: What do you define as style and fashion?

Some may see it as one in the same while others may prioritize wearing a luxury item even if it’s a horrible piece.

All items could have been found at Marshall’s


This years “Gilded Glamour” theme challenged the celebs on a different level. They’ve taken a modern approach to following the rules and literally chose violence. The uproar of meme comparisons and TikTok videos surrounding around the topic of Last night’s Met Gala was messy and so was the fashion picks. Personally, if I’m being invited to such an elite event where the world is watching, I’d be sure to put my effort into making my iconic. Girl, the people arrived in their Monday’s worst, and it was hard to watch so, I just watched the highlights on TikTok 🥲😌

I think a lot of these styles are influenced by celebrities aiming to be seen; as usual. They didn’t mind being seen as unfashionable or silly they just had some fun and it’s not common to see. It somewhat felt like watching a Hollywood Shakespeare play.

I conducted a mini-interview with Personal Stylist, Pietty and asked her a few questions on her perspective on style/fashion:

Instagram: iAmPietty

What is style to you?

“I think style is a form of expression really of self. I would look at something and you would look at it, but we won’t style it the same way.” – Pietty S.

What killed fashion?

“The hype beast culture killed fashion. I feel like before that culture was introduced Supreme. It killed creativity and influenced how everyone dresses. There’re barely public futures that has a unique way of fashion. Rihanna is always true to her identity. We all have the power to wear what we want; you may get your ass cut but it’s YOU”

As we got further into the conversation, we began speaking on where most of our style influences come from and the majority of it comes from a false/hypersexual society that influences women to feel like they have to wear garments that expresses a false personality or lifestyle that they do not relate to. And yes “Not everyone fits into the bad bitch janra, it’s a janra” but I why is being the bad bitch the standard? I can agree that sometimes it’s fun to change up your look and explore clothing that appeals to you but having to prove that in real life you wear sweats just like most of the world is kind of insane. The number of self-deprecating trends that surfaces the internet are very telling of where we are mentally as a society. I think finding an identity and being able to live with who you identify yourself as despite what the world thinks is a statement on its own.

self-dep·re·cat·ing /ˈˌself ˈdeprəˌkādiNG/adjective

modest about or critical of oneself, especially humorously so.

The new development of Instagram fashion girls has created a robotic way of style to the point where the content is identical. The more naked you are gives you automatic validation which is very unfortunate although it makes it easy to distinguish who has personal style and who throws shit on for the sake of rocking designer. Fast fashion has birthed the success of many companies such as Shein, Prettylittlething, and Fashion Nova which are almost every modern woman’s go to sites. Although they’ve also been able to capitalize off the desire of one’s aesthetic. The era of aesthetics is killing the fun and the thrill of what fashion truly is. Fashion is fun, spontaneous, daring, and unique. The internet has created a starter kit made by someone other than yourself.

Is that not alarming ?

I took a deep dive on Pinterest to explore the trendiest styles to embody and I was happy to see the range of options displayed. I’m sure some of the categories can be broken down into subcategories but for the most part, it allows for everyday women to find a style that works for them.

All in all, I love finding new ways to revamp my closet and getting fun and vibrant outfits that embody my personal style. Pulling inspiration from various elements has allowed for me to try something new whenever I’m inclined to without trying hard to compromise my comfort.

This topic is something you should consider and ask yourself what kind of colors, and patterns define your personal style. You’ll begin to realize that keeping up a facade is only for the elites (people who can afford to cosplay at their leisure).

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