I often hear about the horror stories that women experience while dating men in this timeline and I’m curious to know whats really the issue that is causing them to loose their sense of morality so easily. The fragility within men is often overlooked due to the persona they have to keep up in order to be respected by women and society. Im left to question if that’s even a realistic for any human being to live up to. And let’s not forget that we’re currently in a recession. Although most people are delusional towards this reality, the world in shambles as per usual. Meanwhile, men are expected to provide unrealistic lifestyle to impress other women AND other men. The need to impress those who do not add value to your life is kinda wild.

“Men tend to carry the burdens of having so much weight on their shoulders to be superhuman when many of them need healing just as much as their female counterparts.

Some may blame the public masculine influences like the late, Kevin Samuels due to the lack of father figures surrounding them. For some men the even the friendships they maintain and value impact how they think and bleeds over into their relationships. I think the merge of social media and the structure within the home can influence how anyone navigates in relationships. As humans we do what we see but we have to teach ourselves to do what’s morally right in order to grow with others and that’s the real test of time. The choice to use your ego or logic will set the tone of a relationship without even noticing it until it has gotten to a point of no return.

“Your surroundings impacts who you are”

Exhibit A.

The mental instability of a man is often silenced or overlooked due to how society views what a man is supposed to be like. As we wrap up mental awareness month I’d like to shed some light on the men who struggle with speaking up before acting out, to the ones that are seen yet not heard, and to the ones that are conditioned to follow suit instead of functioning like a human being. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s more likely for men to commit suicide than women. It’s time to acknowledge the signs and be more open to assist men who are in need of healing, it is a human birth right to be provided with post trauma assistance.

Prayers up for Metro Boomin & His Family 🙏🏾

As a woman who has experienced the aftermath of men who are wounded and unaware of self I can speak on how this can impact platonic friendships, partnerships, and even in the workplace with male counterparts. Having to always be the voice of reason or understanding of a man who is unbalanced within himself is a challenge that no woman should have to deal with. Ideally, I’d love to see more open conversations with men speaking on their healing and how they can actively work on themselves overtime. I often see platforms allowing men to speak on their haters, how much money they make, or even their toxic interactions with women but it’s uncommon to see safe spaces for them to speak candidly about their challenges of maintaining their masculinity.

The wounded masculine :

• Has a fear of failure so they will find ways to assert power and dominance in exchange for success. ​

• Has a dire need to be right​

• Overly Critical and judgmental​

• Stuck in the mind, detach from reality ​

• Defensive ​& aggressive

A lot of things that are necessary for a man to maintain balance from within has to be taught from a young age. It’s hard to implement the core values needed to coexist in society without causing havoc when the mind and body has already been developed.

Some Of the main things that I feel that every boy/man should know is:

• To take charge but don’t abuse your power​

• Conquer your fears

• Be assertive.​

• Give freely, you’ll receive your blessings in return

• Take accountability for your actions. ​

• Ask for help.

• Dream BIG, without limit yourself

You never know what path you may take along the journey of life but the most important thing you can do is to teach your sons balance from a young age so they can grow to be self aware and conscious of their emotions. Subconsciously you miss the mark by enabling their bad habits from childhood as it begins to impact their view on the world. It’s also time for women who decide to be mothers to be more adomant about who they decide to sleep with. Sex is a pathway to conceiving a child and it’s not hard so it’s best to consciously chose your partner based off of his morals and how he shows love and respect.The idea of sleeping with men mainly for material assets is only suitable for sex workers. It’s more realistic to make sure that your partner has the emotional intelligence to be fully present in an event that yo ass is pregnant.

It’s extremely common for women to raise children alone especially amongst women who are under the age of 30 and it leaves a huge gap between conveniently dating and being mentally stable enough to commit to what partnership comes with. It’s not solely the woman’s responsibility to raise a child, partnership is the best foundation you can provide for your child. Although many women willingly take on the role of being a single mother, it’s one of the most challenging experiences in mankind.

Parenthood requires both masculine and feminine traits to produce a balanced individual. It’s not just an aesthetic it’s also an energy that allows for you to always embrace polarity through life’s challenges. When there’s a lack of both energies working together to nurture and teach, children grow to be resentful and quite erotic. There needs to be more balance, more love, and more peace instilled from the beginning Til the end of the journey of parenthood. Hence why I also believe that if you don’t have what it takes, keep your puss to yourself.

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