In 2004, Mean girls otherwise known as the “it girl” film brought in over 86.1 million in the US and $43 million worldwide. Society lives for a messy comedy that highlights women at war with each other. According to Wikipedia, Paramount said the audience was 75% female, and 50% was under the age of 18 which leads me to believe that women seek to learn about how to be the main character from a very young age. In real life, Being a mean girl is not sexy because it only draws you further away from your divine nature as a woman. Women were put on this earth to nurture and spread love through humanity so it’s your birthright to do so in your own way.

Although the media has done a great job at pushing the mean girl aesthetic to the point where it has programmed women to naturally reject the opportunity to celebrate their female counterparts, and I think it’s something worth unpacking. Being a girl’s girl is a very slept on term that I like to use when describing being present for other women outside of my friendship groups. It’s the moment when you discreetly tell a woman that she needs to cover the back of her pants because she had an accident or simply showing up with a bottle of wine after a friend just got out of a shitty relationship with the guy you always hated for her. These instances makes you more of a woman because you’re extending kindness in a way that isn’t common in today’s society. In this blogpost, you’ll learn 7 ways to embrace feminine energy internally and externally.

1. Rest & Recharge

Rest is such a slept on skill, no pun intended. Ideally, the more rest you get, the more relaxed and welcoming you are of good energy. It’s common to be cranky due to the lack if rest but if you’re able to find time to simply be in the moment, it will bring lot’s of peace to your life. The more that you’re able to simply be, the more that you’ll be able to embrace others as they come. Feeling the need to be in control comes from a lack or rest and trust, so the more that you’re able to incorporate those key elements into your every day life, you’ll find yourself in a better headspace to embrace more feminine energy.

2. Create The Life You Love

Finding new ways to reinvent yourself is one of the best ways to create the life you truly love. I find that many people who avoid opportunities that will bring them towards the next level in life comes from a lack of confidence. When you lack confidence, and you’re able to see others who are succeeding, you’ll begin to develop envy and jealousy towards others which does nothing for your vibration. The goal is to raise your vibration at all cost so don’t be afraid to invest in keeping yourself indulged in creating beautiful memories. It’s not to say that you have all of the answers or qualifications to achieve your goals overnight, but applying pressure and utilizing your purpose will bring fulfillment and joy to your life.

3. Connect With Nature

The world is way bigger than your newsfeed. You don’t need to book a trip or a lavish staycation in order to get out of your mundane routines, all you need is a safe space to ground yourself. This will help you to develop your inner knowing to avoid being in comparison mode or to avoid being too invested in what others are doing. Whether it’s at a nearby park, in your car, shit even in your closet can be great way to sit alone and meditate in peace. Sometimes being in nature isn’t ideal so find what works for you to simply DE-COM-PRESS.

Listening to calm and mellow music will also enhance your overall meditation experience. Give yourself some grace through this journey, it’s not easy learning how to slow down when you’re always on the go.

4. Self Reflect

I think this is the most challenging one for many but it doesn’t have to be. It’s either you’re ready to embrace what’s for you or you’re going to be stubborn and remain in a cycle. Breaking cycles are tough but the best way to break things down is to do little by little each day. Reflect on where your first relationship with a woman began. For some it began with our mother, aunt, or grandmother depending on who was your care taker at birth.

List your transition into your adolescent relationships to adult relationships and each person’s significance vs their flaws. Then list how you contributed to these relationships both good and bad. The elements of how we navigate relationships plays a huge part in how we view the world, so being able to look back at how far you’ve came and how you’ve ended up here, is a vital portion of healing.

5. Activate Your Sensual Energy

Sensuality is a bit different from sexuality so please understand me when I say this, do NOT get it twisted. Sensuality relates to gratification of the 5 senses while sexuality relates to activities that physically attracts intimacy between individuals. You may cross over at your own pace but let’s start off with something light and easy. We all know that our 5 senses are sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste but how does one activate all of these things in order to appeal sensual. Well, in this case, in order to activate your feminine connections you’ll have to discover your favorite things to see, smell, touch, hear, and taste in order to share and relate to others.

Knowing what you like will activate a new level of confidence because anywhere you go you’ll quickly KNOW what you’re drawn to without being indecisive. There’s nothing more attractive than that inner knowing so you may begin discovering what those key things are for you and you’ll be surprised at your discoveries. FEELING IS SENSUAL.

6. Move Your Body

The power of movement really does wonders to the mind, body, and spirit. However you decide to indulge in activating your sacral chakra, you’ll find that through movement, your heart rate will increase which will allow more space to flow in ( Idk if this is scientifically proven but just follow along with me here). Flowing keeps you motivated and optimistic about the future, so what better way to do so other than to do a physical activity that makes you feel good? This will help you to be less resistant toward allowing newness to effortlessly flow into your life because you’re challenging your body to not be stagnant so everything around you will reflect that energy.

6. Support Other Women

As clique as sounds, supporting other women is one of the best ways to embrace your true feminine essence. Social media is one thing but to support women IRL, will bring you closer to understanding your own personal needs. We often neglect our personal needs because we don’t see examples of it around us; Be the example you’d like to see. When you have a wall up towards building a connection as simple as giving another woman a compliment, you’re less likely to be approached or supported. If you feel awkward extending yourself to others in public, try complimenting 5 people on your newsfeed this week. Compliments don’t have to be super deep, you can literally tell someone congrats on a new job position or give them feedback on something cool they decided to share with their audience.

Ideally, we all want to have great interactions that reciprocate but unfortunately some people may not be willing to receive your energy for their own personal reasons but it’s your job to consciously show up for those who are willing to meet you half way.

7. Boost Your Confidence

Being sexy isn’t about wearing the tightest dress in your collection, sometimes it simply means to just wear whatever makes you the most comfortable. The misconception surrounded around women needing to wear revealing clothing in order to feel sexy is dead. We’re now in an era where there’s a plethora of brands that caters to women from all walks of life to discover what makes them feel sexy, whether it’s covering up or showing less. When you look good, you feel good and you’ll have the opportunity to feel good when you step into the world as your best self.

Energy is such a powerful source that when you’re not feeling at your best, others will be able to sense that and they may even avoid interacting with you. As a woman, it’s tough waking up everyday and feeling like the most beautiful person to grace the face of the earth but the best thing you can do for yourself is to feed your mind with positive thoughts that breeds confidence.

Being a woman is an evolutionary experience that allows you to explore and define your desired path though this lifetime. From learning how to take care of your hair, to learning what kind of pads actually hold it down, takes lot’s of trial and error. Many of us learn these things from our peers and who else can teach you how to be a woman other than another woman ? Surround yourself with likeminded women that you can relate or learn from. The journey to unlock your divine feminine essence will flow effortlessly once you learn how to trust self and that the universe will surround you with other powerful beings who we’re brought here to uplift and support you. So instead of always striving to be the “it girl”, try being a “girl’s girl” and see how much it elevates your perception of the feminine experience.

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