Summer 22′ has been one for the books! The urge to live better, and smarter has been strong so I’m happy to be apart of the outside crew. We all define living life differently whether you’re more family oriented or you’re on tour for the summer, living life is all up to you. In Houston, nothing says summer more than fun in the sun or trying out new and cool spots to have fun.Unfortunately, the club can get repetitive as you get older, so it’s safe to say getting drunk, twerking for 4 hours is just not my thing anymore.

What brings you to the club and what define’s a great club experience for you ?

I remember the days when being in the club was a high curiosity of mine. I use to rush home to catch 106 & Parks top 10 countdown music videos and it gave so much inspo for the future. Seeing how people danced, overly dressed and enjoyed being in a room full sexy people who enjoyed music really inspired me to treat the club like an escape from reality or judgement but I never thought that the quality of music would be at an all time low in 2022. Back when I was living in the Bronx,14 year old me was all in the backyard parties having a ball, walking home all wee hours of the morning with my friends. We just wanted to have fun and do the things that we seen grown people do but in our own way. From sneaking to wear certain outfits out the house to listening to Vybz Kartel and Aidonia, growing up in NY as a millennial gave me a one of a kind experience that I’ll never forget.

Who was your favorite artist growing up as a teenager?

Turning 18 is cool but 21 is the year to wild out and I did. Once I was able to legally go to the club, I truly enjoyed the experience for what it is. I definitely wasn’t giving video vixen but I was able to enjoy the last bits of good music before the clubs became the Top 100 hit rotation. Besides the music, we’re now in a time where going to the club is risky af. Whether you’re dodging niggas or covid, either way it’s just not as fun as it use to be. You have to either pregame then get on game at the bar by finessing drinks to get through the night and to me that’s way more exhausting than trying on a pair of jeans that you outgrew.

I’m aware that everytime you leave the house, you’re down $100 but THE CLUB IS WICKED. To ask someone to spend almost $20 on one sip of liquid diluted with ice, is insane. Some bars let you in for free but once you get inside, it’s lit for you and I don’t mean that in a good way. I’ve gotten to an age where I’ll buy a bottle of crown or tequila and it can easily sit in my fridge for months before I see the bottom of the bottle. So be easy in these streets, personally there’s ever so much shots I can before I disappear from the party scene for months.

Last weekend, my boyfriend was invited to a day party at Bar 2200 and of course I was his plus one so I had to scoop the scene. His friend came to Houston to visit with a bunch of his NYC friends so they had a planned itinerary of hotspots to visit, one being Bar 2200. This would be my first time visiting so the scenery from the outside looked okay but once you get inside, the DJ was really doing his thing playing all the good R&B and throwbacks. We enjoyed a nice cool drink at the bar which wasn’t packed so I was comfortable and enjoying the lovely ambiance. Bar 2200 is a brunch and bar spot but we chose not to eat because eating at the club can get tedious real quick.

After two drinks, we made out way to the steps leading to the upstairs area where his friends we’re turning up. I noticed that there was a booth at the entrance where the host stood with her friends and I wasn’t quite sure who was actually working so I politely asked one of the ladies sitting behind the booth if it was okay to head upstairs. One of them quickly gave me the ” tf face” and turned to the young lady that escorted us to the bar originally and told her that I needed her assistance.

Personally, If I didn’t take the time to look good and If I wasn’t with my man I would have really told her about herself but I just laughed at her as I walked behind the host leading me to my destination. I wasn’t sure what I was walking into but my boyfriend did tell me it was someone’s birthday and it was a huge party of people that came with his friend but all in all they we’re a great vibe, no complaints there.

Everyone in the section was finishing up their food and turning up then suddenly, the music went from a 7 to a solid 4 but I was too tipsy to let it bother me. Once I heard, Doing it wrong by Drake, I knew it was time to take the last sip of my drink and wrap it up. Shortly after that, I headed over to my home girl’s house, smoked a blunt, and ate an edible [ BAD IDEA]. Sadly, the few bites of my double smoked bacon sandwich from Starbucks at 11am didn’t hold me over til dinner so we headed over to dinner which essentially was my first meal of the day. We decided on a BBQ restaurant nearby so I was excited to get into it.

The menu selection was amazing and the drinks were to die for, they even kept the Texas theme strong by playing loud country music in the background. After ordering our meals and drinks I began to get light headed and became really dizzy. Moments after that, I was covered in vomit as I was sitting up in my chair at the table. Personally, I completely zoned out and had a moment to get myself together but once I got myself together my homegirl told me I had a seizure. It was at that moment I knew being cross faded is not fun after a certain age.

Clubbing in Houston was exciting back in 2018 because I was new to the city and I was open to learning about the southern culture. In H-Town, people pretty much go to the club any day but Thursdays-Fridays are turn up days. I began clubbing at the Address which is pretty popular club here, then I got introduced to what we call “After Hour Spots” aka speakeasys. They’re known to be hole in the wall venues that are exclusive to those who know and those that don’t will just have to go to the hotspots that end at 2 am. Since I moved back to Houston in 2021, I’ve been on a search for my ideal night life scene. Whether it’s in a lounge, a parking lot, or restaurant, I’ve been on the look out for environments that I truly enjoy being in but it’s been a quite a challenge.

Music is such a therapeutic experience that I truly feel more inclined to be present when I’m enjoying the vibe. The beats, the transitions, the dance moves, the nostalgia that I get from hearing a chune from back in my days, it’s an unmatched feeling. I truly enjoy the quest for new experiences that makes you feel more alive. It’s apart of my wellness routine but this time, I’m putting my trust in external sources. It takes the weight off your shoulders and it allows for unexpected occurrences that you can’t experience being isolated from great experiences to come.

What I look forward to going out:

• Great food

• Good vibes

• Great music

Unfortunately, Houston is one of those places where If you’re not poppin’ enough to buy your own section along with countless bottles being sent over to you and your friends then maybe this isn’t the place for you to turn up. Being a New yorker plays a huge part in why it’s so hard for me to be satisfied with the music, the vibe, and the overall set up of the nightlife here. Everything just seems off and it makes you enjoy jamming out to your playlist in the car way more. The women aren’t friendly, the men don’t really dance, and to top it off the music selection is horrible so what else is there to do in the club ?

I’m happy to be alive after such a crazy experience but I learned to prioritize my wellness over being lit. At this point in my life, I no longer want to be in spaces where I have to be fully intoxicated in order to have fun because I’ve outgrew that mentality. Drinking is fun, especially when it’s one great drink as opposed to 4. Drinking is also scary because your night can go from 0-100 real quick if you didn’t take the right precautions and to make it even worse, while wearing some sexy ass jeans. I hope that this summer has been good to you and you’ve found peace through any unfortunate events. It’s apart of human nature to fuck up sometimes but knowing yourself and your limits are vital as time ascends.

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