Today happens to be National Thrift Day, so I was super excited to write about why it’s important to thrift and it’s benefits. Walking into a thrift store with low expectations and walking out with even one gem is usually the best way to go about thrifting. Depending on the time, the location, and the pricing, your experience can easily vary. Thrifting can become a lifestyle or an accessory when building your wardrobe, that way you chose if you want to fully dedicate your style to thrifted items or you can mix and match with new age pieces.

What is thrifting ?

Thrifting is defined as the act of shopping at a thrift store,garage sale, or flea market where you’ll find gently used items at discounted prices. According to, thrifting has been around before the 1800s but I just got here in the 90s so by the 2000s I was able to understand the importance of it. Thrift stores are essential especially for those who enjoy looking one of a kind anywhere they go. You can find anything from shoes, to clothes, toys, and furniture at your local thrift store. What are the odds that you find am old toy you use to play with when you were a kid?

What makes thrifting unique in comparison to traditional shopping ?

Thrifting is unique simply because there may be a whole isle full of tee shirts in your local thrift shop but they’re all different from color, to design, to the fitting. There’s usually one of one item found in thrift stores because they are ran by the community surrounding. Ideally, thrift stores thrive from getting bags and bags of used, and aged clothing that are no longer useful to its owner. Every once in a while, take inventory of your wardrobe and see what you can donate to your local thrift store, that way you’re paying it forward, giving back to the community, and making room in your closet.

1. Thrifting Reduces waste

Every girls dream is to have a ton of clothes for every event but it’s somewhat annoying to maintain. Let’s not forget that you still have to wash or dry clean them to maintain it’s quality. Sometimes less is more and with thrifting you can genuinely build better stable items your collection rather than needing it in every color, shape or size.

2. You can curate a unique wardrobe

There’s nothing cooler than seeing someone in a fit that you’ve never seen before. In this wonderful age of the internet, it’s rare finding one of a kind styles on others because of fast fashion and the influencers are influencing the follow me trend so there’s less room for unique fashion to exist. Thrifting allows you to find items that may have been in someone’s attic for years so walking into a thrift store always feels like a quest.

3. Find inspo to reconstruct thrifted items

For those of you who own a sewing machine and you enjoy reconstructing clothes that may fit one way but you can visualize it in other ways, run to your nearest thrift shop. If you’re like me and clothes may fit a bit too loose or awkward, the best place to find clothes that you’re not going to feel guilty ripping apart, is the thrift store.

4.Support the community

Community service can be anything that involves you getting intuned with what your community needs. There’s always a demand for essential items including clothing. Although many of us would rather not have to worry about the politics of wearing clothes, it’s the only way to coexists in society without being scrutinized. Donating to your local goodwill or thrift store helps other people who cannot afford expensive clothing to shop and support their families. Donating gives people jobs, it gives people clothing options, and it gives the community an opportunity to lean on each other subconsciously.

Support your local thrift shop today whether it’s online or in person in your city. If you’re in Houston,Texas , check out these thrift shops.

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