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Yung Miami, 1/2 of City Girls, created her own show Careesha Please by the grace of Diddy. Yung Miami is a famous singer (lol), rapper, entrepreneur, model, and internet sensation from Miami, Florida. When the City Girls came out on the scene, we all fell in love with JT’s verses but Yung Miami’s voice stole the show. Her voice became a trending topic across multiple social media platforms and her team probably said you know what, let this bitch talk some and give the people a show. The Caresha Please podcast aired on June 9th,2022 as it welcomes the biggest names in Hip Hop and entertainment for the most rawthentic conversations about topics we’ve all been curious about.

After a few years of getting to know the city girls, as a fan of their bold, trendsetting attitudes, I wanted something different REAL BAD. The new rapper girlies are doing things differently with their careers these days and I’m here for it. From acting to starting their own talk shows, to partnering with McDonalds to create their own meals. I’m happy to witness the evolution of black female musicians as they tap into different things that brings in money and diversifies their audiences. Women in music are creating their own paths and it’s extremely intriguing to see.

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In the most recent episode, Caresha welcomes Megan Thee Stallion (rapper and songwriter from Houston, Texas) and I was super excited to hear about what Megan had to say because she recently released her debut album “Traumazine”. Personally it wasn’t my favorite body of work but, I can tell that Megan is trying different ways to experiment with different sounds and try something new. The context of the album has been the same since 2020 due to the unfortunate shooting involving her and rapper/singer Tory Lanez and the loss of her mother Holly Thomas back March of 2019. It was quite refreshing seeing her comfortably speaking to someone she’s familiar with since her and Yung Miami linked up a few times in the past. They seem to have a very flirtatious relationship and I’m actually here for it.

Yung Miami asked Meg a plethora of questions from traveling across the world, to her favorite food, to having children, to her feminine hygiene routine. Meg went on to speak on being in a relationship with her boyfriend Pardi and how much he makes her happy, and it was nice to see her in a better place in the love department. I know as a woman it’s tough finding the right one so just imagine being in the spot light, I know that shit gets critical real quick. The conversation flowed very nicely even through some of the cringy moments,it was fun to see two successful women who are comfortable with who they are share some truths about their reality. This interview was giving feminine energy with a side of AHH!

Amongst all of the conversation that was had during this interview, I love how Yung Miami asked Megan questions that brought out her inner child instead of focusing on the traumatic shit off rip. Unlike her interview with JT previously on the show, she asked her more fun, feminine, light hearted questions. It somewhat felt like there’s a disconnect between the City Girls in terms of their choice lifestyle and their different approaches to life. As friends this happens very often but because it’s in the Public eye and it’s been brought up so often, I’ve noticed that they try their best to debunk this narrative. I think it’s important for real friendships to speak on their differences because there are many friendships that can relate and find clarity in that transparency from their faves. The energy was definitely different from her interview with JT and I created a video on TikTok about it once I made that observation.

As two Aquarius women in the industry, it was refreshing to see how effortless and uplifting the interview was. It was fun to watch both of these women have fun and just simply have girl talk as they unpack the many layers of self without solely attaching themselves to their trauma. Although towards the ending of the interview, Miami asked Megan about her current mental space and she replied by saying she’s in a way better space than she’s been in the past while Miami discussed her experience going to therapy after a tragic loss of her baby father. It was the realest part of the interview due to her saying honestly I went and it didn’t work for me. It’s not something you can force on everyone especially after something so traumatic, sometimes people just need to cry and grieve in a way that works for them.

All in all, it was a great interview and I truly look forward to seeing who will be next to share a space with Caresha on her platform. It’s great to see women branching out of their “niche” and just having fun. I think creating a podcast is a great way to interact with your peers and strike up fun and real conversations that you can’t find anywhere else. As human beings were all filled with some sort of trauma but it’s important to surround yourself with people that love and embrace you for who you are naturally.






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