Apart of being a woman is bringing awareness, love, and protection to your womb. Many women are only taught to protect their wombs from men but in reality, it’s a 24hour job with or without the opposite sex. Mainstream media has done a great job at bringing these topics to light but it’s important to always be reminded to indulge in self care in tangible ways for everyday people. September is Self Improvement month while this week, we celebrate Sexual Health Week. Having a clean and healthy vagina is a huge contributor to having healthy sex, so let’s kick off this week by highlighting 8 ways to honor coochie wellness.

  1. Drink lot’s of water to keep the coochie hydrated & vibrant

Drinking water is self explanatory, but it improves digestion, prevents muscle cramping, improves circulation, and increases your overall energy. It’s suggested to drink 2.7 liters of water daily but who’s counting, just keep yourself hydrated as much as possible. You never want to feel like a turn table when your partner is rubbing your clitoris, so stay ready so you don’t have to get ready if you know what I’m saying. If you find that it’s hard to remember to drink water, set a few alarms on your phone daily to remind you to pour up a glass and hydrate your body.

2. Schedule or do an at home Yoni Steam and give your coochie a fresh start

There are many spas that offer yoni steaming services but my personal favorite is doing my own yoni steams at home. All you’ll need is a yoni steam toilet seat cover, your yoni steam herbs, and a kettle to boil your hot water. Yoni steams are great for after a break up, a period cycle, or whenver you need a hard reset on your coochie. Instead of purchashing a douche, do a yoni steam instead. It helps with balancing, balances your hormones, and increases your chances at fertility. If you’d like for this service to be done for you, check out local spas that offers yoni steams in your area. If you’re open to trying this method at home, check out my Amazon storefront to purchase my recommended items to do your yoni steam at the comfort of your own home.

3. Meditate or do yoga to alleviate stress levels

Stress makes the coochie dry. Keep calm and meditate to keep your mind, body, and soul at peace. Yoga is known to be a very feminine activity because you’re able to meditate, relax and stretch as much as possible. It is our divine power to be intuned with self as women and meditation does wonders for that spiritual connection with the universe.The more that you’re able to obtain a balanced mind, you’ll begin to appreciate all the benefits of doing peaceful activities like meditation, yoga, ect.

4. Use coconut or lavender oil to massage your labia

Incorporating calming essential oils to your skincare routine does wonders for your overall wellness. Once you come out the shower, massage your labia with lavender or coconut oil. Lavender oil is a great anti fungal, fragrance oil that will give your vagina a natural scent while coconut oil helps to enhance vaginal hydration. This is a form of self care so don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide yourself with a nice massage, it’s your coochie, there’s nothing weird about giving it alittle TLC.

5. Say NO to bad sex/head

There’s ALWAYS red flags prior to having bad sex. I remember the very first time, and it was the absolute worst from start to finish. It takes alot of give and take in order to find your sense of sensuality but it’s important to trust your gut because it will never fail you. Give yourself time to vet out the person you’re indulging in sexual activity with. Talk is cheap, let them sweat before giving it up, you may discover they’re not even worth it during the process. Your coochie is a sacred space that you should only share with people who are worth your time, nut, and energy. Like the iconic dancehall king, Vybz Kartel once said, “Yuh pussy cumin like bible when it open up mi see heaven ”.

Translation: Your coochie is sacred, so when you open your legs just know you’re providing an euphoric experience.

6.Purchase a vibrator or sex toy

Sex toys can be fun but some of them are extremely toxic BUT there are some healthy options that you can utilize. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with new ways to please yourself, but just make sure that whatever you use doesn’t contribute to the loss of clitoral stimulation. Not every toy is made in the image of a Goddess so please do your research before purchasing your next vibrator. You don’t need a collection, just one good one to get the job done and stay away from those roses chile.

7. Let your coochie breathe by wearing less in your downtime.

When Tony Braxton said breathe again, I felt sis. There’s nothing more relaxing than pulling off your draws after a long day. What better way to live than to be free, so I fully support free balling every once in a while. I know it sounds funny but you’d be surprised at how much more comfortable you’d be if you free balled a few times a week. The beauty of it all is, nobody will know but you. Free yourself from the need to wear underwear 24hours of the day and let the air flow effortlessly to prevent rashes or dampness. If you’re not comfortable doing this during the day, try sleeping without panties at night. You can still wear your favorite pajamas/lingerie just make it sexy.

8.Schedule an appointment with your GYN

It doesn’t matter how grown you are, you still need to get your coochie checked. Nobody is a pro at gynecology, not even your f*ck buddy. That very first appointment is legit the most mortifying experience unless you’re plotting on your GYN but that cold room filled with cold metal objects just makes my skin crawl a bit but it’s worth knowing what’s going on internally and how you can improve your vaginal wellness on your own. Save yourself from a trip to the clinic and just pay the copay, it’s cheaper than, you know.

Hopefully you learned something new from this post, if so, leave a COMMENT down below! I’d love to hear your thoughts and be sure to share this with a friend or two.

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  1. Great article!! No one should be smelling “fishy” in 2022, there are too many educated scripts and social media that brings such topic to us women. This article is so exciting and informative to read. Yes!! take care, self care of the coochie!!

    1. Lol yes coochie wellness is VERY important! Thank you for tuning into this read ๐Ÿคญ

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