If you don’t already feel the shift, it’s coming and it’s going to be a new challenge for you to unlock. I truly feel like every season reveals a new version of self that has not been experienced as yet. September has been a month filled with lot’s of gratitude, love, and new connections. It’s time to do to your big one and stop procrastinating on the things you should have done a long time ago. It’s okay to feel unsure about it at first but if you’re not motivated to get started then it’s probably time to reroute.

Self Reflection

Recently I’ve been really focusing on improving self from my lifestyle, how I utilize my time, my community, and with my daily maintenance habits and it has really put things into perspectives. Spending less time talking and more time doing the things that you always said you would is equivalent to checking off items on your grocery list as you’re walking through the isles. It feels good to be in alignment and it also feels good to give back to self in ways that you naturally deprive yourself of. Sometimes we naturally block ourselves out of opportunities to be where we would like to be out of fear of resistance from others. It’s your job to be stronger than the outcome to take everything with a grain of salt and let it be.

I’ve been struggling with maintaining my title as a wellness anthropologist because I find that everyone is in a different stage in life and it’s somewhat hard to observe others when I’m also isolated in my 1bedroom apartment in the middle of Houston. I’m in the process of moving a bit closer to a more common area and into my 3rd apartment with my partner. I feel like this is going to be the one where we’re able to stay out for the next few years. Moving is exhausting and with my various interests, I’m going to need a lot more boxes than I can count. But I’m happy to be in a completely different place than I was a year ago. I’m working full time while cultivating my community, and making a conscious effort towards my wellness everyday.

When I began this journey, I wanted to simply write about my journey, then I began providing wellness sessions ( therapy sessions for women) and I must say I really enjoyed that era but I don’t think that it’s as productive as I thought it would be. Trying to scale a business while being responsible for someone’s mental health is a lot of work so I truly commend therapist. I may return to that in the near future but for now, I’m just getting my feet wet in my writing career and so far, my pink toe seems to be the only toe that has experienced any form of liquid. Becoming a writer is harder than I thought, especially without a degree. I’ve contemplated returning to school but then I think about how isolated I’d be in order to obtain that degree, and that’s a fear of mine.

Within a year, I’ve became more comfortable with myself by being more honest about the ups and the downs that comes with establishing yourself in a country that you’re native to but your roots are in far far away. I essentially have nothing in this country that I own nor does anyone on my mothers side. My dad has made sacrifices to own his property in NYC but the amount of trauma that he’s dealing with to this day is not worth me following his footsteps. To analyze these things can be a bit discouraging especially when you know that nothing is going to be waiting for you when someone passes on besides material things that I can possibly sell on depop. I think the silvery inning in my fairytale is to continue doing what I’m doing at this moment and build on my skills so that I can create the generational wealth that I never had.

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Becoming That Girl

Being that girl is more of a mindset more than anything else. It’s a lifestyle that allows you to be highly desired by people that you also desire love and admiration from. The title has less to do with the way that you dress and moreso about how you’re able to cultivate connections and become a magnetic force wherever you go. When you’re able to embrace others and still succeed, you are in the right place. Find your purpose and the universe will award you in gifts, love, and a peace of mind. 

Putting yourself out there

There’s always an opportunity to put yourself out there whether it’s your personality, skill, or product, you have the opportunity to put yourself out there even more than ever. There are billions of people in the world waiting for you to connect and share your gift with them so it’s time figure out your marketing strategy to do so. Your strategy simply needs realistic steps to create your ideal outcome. Revisit your old journal entries this year and analyze your previous goals to see if you’ve achieved them or how you can go about achieving them in the near future. The worst thing that can happen is not trying because success is defined by you, and you only.

Jeffree Star providing his African American partner with reparations

Self love is YOUR journey

I recently came across a TikTok talking about how much the internet has influenced how much we try to prove our self worthiness to others in the midst of loving ourselves. Have you ever done something nice for yourself and felt the need to explain why you deserve that shit? Yeah, that’s extremely common and we no longer need to do it. People that get it, get it and you don’t have to spend your life explaining why you are deserving of whatever you provide. You deserve to bask in all the love and blessings that come your way because it’s your birthright and nobody needs a transcript of it. Fuck what they think about how you go about doing you and just embody that shit.

In this season, I wish you nothing but the best! Whether it’s that new job, that wig, the new car, the new apartment, or that new book,you deserve it. So be open, be honest, be consistent in who you are and who you’re becoming.

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