Walking into a room full of women can be a bit overwhelming. Recently I attended my very first women’s empowerment event, called the SocialTea which is based in Houston and I believe they also have a chapter in New Orleans as well. As a wellness anthropologist, I was able to examine the energy within the room. After supporting a few of the friendly vendors and engaging in conversations about how they can improve their wellness in different ways, I felt fulfilled to say the least. As women, it’s important for us to gather and share with one another and sometimes that doesn’t always translate well due to prior engagements that didn’t go as planned. The stigmas that women face on a daily basis hinders women from feeling comfortable being in spaces to embrace and uplift each other openly, so I’m here to give you a few wellness tips that can help you to feel confident attending your next event.

1. Don’t worry about being “BEST” dressed, just be you!

I find that women often will seclude themselves from making connections due to the competitive spirit that lives within many of us as humans. It’s really not necessary. Your personal style should be reflected ANYWHERE you go so if you’re unsure about what to wear, think about what makes you feel good. If it’s sneakers then bitch, lace em up! If you go to an event, and you know that your intention is to meet people, focus on that instead of trying to be perfect. It’s a challenge to pretend to be perfect, rather than to show up with a bomb ass personality. If you’re able to pull together an outfit that goes with the theme, throw on alittle makeup and fulfill your goals outside of vanity.

2. Introduce yourself to everyone!

The habit of conducting a full on conversation with others without letting them know your name is crazy. Who are you? What do you enjoy doing or what do you do for a living ? With the help of social media, we’ve been warped into having impersonal connections with people that we hope to connect or support in the near future. Think of it like this, every time you meet someone, make your mark. Channel your inner bad bitch and let it be known! It’s not guaranteed that these connections will take you far but it doesn’t hurt to carry yourself as a professional being so that you can be a valued asset to other.

3. If you suffer from anxiety, incorporate your favorite CBD/THC products an hour prior to arriving to the event

As someone who has alil anxiety here and there, I decided to eat an edible an hr prior to the event. By doing this, I felt so at ease walking into the event because I simply did not give a fuck about what anyone thought about me which is thee best way to be. I find that being in your head sabotages making connections with others, so if you’re in a space where you feel like you’re afraid of being awkward, smoke a blunt or take some CBD/THC-O gummies.

4. You don’t have to have a business, just have a SKILL

There’s nothing more awkward than not knowing what to talk about especially when meeting people for the first time. Not having a solid product is normal but being your product is vital. In my case, I’m a writer so I came prepared to tell people that writing is my forte without having to force a sale down their throats. Explore what you enjoy doing and how it can impact others, whether it’s cooking or cleaning, or drawing, we all embody skills that will be beneficial to other women at some point.

5. Leave your ego at home.

Honestly, nobody cares for a snooty bitch especially in person. It’s gross, and it’s unproductive. The point of coming out and networking with other women is to take a feminine approach to making connections. You don’t have to be guarded and defensive when people aren’t interested in you, it may hurt your feelings but it‘a important to know that everyone will NOT be for you and that’s OK.

As women, it’s our job to constantly invest in our wellness no matter where we go so do what makes you FEEL good and avoid things that don’t. You don’t have to force yourself to do anymore than what you can, just do your BEST. You’ll be less worried about trying to impress others and more focused on being the best version of self.

This blog post was inspired by Marvel’s SheHulk series on Disney+

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