It’s Spooky Season and I’ve decided to interview a few women who were open to sharing their fears and phobias on the DeFine Feminine Podcast. If you enjoy reading snippets of podcasts, this blog post is for you.

Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous likely to cause pain or somewhat of a threat.

Jestine: Today, I want to talk about fears and phobias, if there’s any that you have. But first and foremost, I just want to get to know you a little bit and learn about what you do and like what you want to offer to the world.

Daviska: So well, first my name is Daviska Nova. Everyone calls me Davi, except for my family. It’s so weird that usually nicknames are when your family gave it to you, but for me the opposite. My family has a full name and then everyone else calls me by the nickname is crazy. So what I do is, I’m a content creator/ graphic designer. I used to work for Off limits as a social media manager and then at August, the period care company as their brand designer. But right now I’m kind of freelancing, trying to test things out on different projects and ultimately what I want to offer to the world is basically from like the, from an artistic perspective, I just want to be able to support other creatives that kind of came from the same trenches as me. I always like to say I’m not supposed to be here, I figure my way into this space, so I want to help those who are like in the same same trenches.

Jestine: So like how do you promote yourself? What are like some platforms that you enjoy promoting yourself on?

Davi: The old school instagram, everybody has an instagram resume setup (lol). I just turned into a visual linkedin, so that’s where I usually am and then obviously Tiktok and then I kind of just through these little communities on Geneva, which is how I met you there just, it just becomes so freaking awesome, like it’s just like, I think it’s a more intimate and more authentic way to meet people.

Jestine: I think enjoy it because there’s just like so many different rooms and like, you’re meeting people from Spain and just like, it’s just so diverse and, you know, like, I thought it was like mainly a female app, but then I came across some like male creative, so it kind of like balance out the energy in a way.

Jestine: How long have you been on there?

Davi: I been on there since I want to say last year. There’s this Latin X beauty company called ceremony and they used Geneva and so I’ve gotten to connect with creators on there who talk about beauty and things like that. So it’s been pretty cool on there. And then it was after that was August. August has a really big community on there as well, so been really awesome and I agree with you, it’s really cool because you’re like, wait this feels very much like a team. It’s definitely a different energy from instagram.

Jestine: I feel like Geneva is way more productive. So that’s one of the reasons why when I thought about doing this series I was like, let me share it on here because you know instagram can be very superficial in a way and like people really want to interact like that. So it’s good to be able to be in a space where everyone’s just comfortable just saying, hey, like I have this great idea, like who wants to collab or, you know, job opportunity?

Jestine: Where are you from? Like originally?

Davi: So originally I was born in the Bronx. yeah, so then my parents moved me out to Jersey, so now I currently live in Jersey, like during the pandemic, I lived in Brooklyn for a little bit and then It was like so expensive. Luckily for us, my parents didn’t move us in a very predominantly white area. Thank God. So I do appreciate that. So we got the best of both worlds kind of thing.

Jestine: I’ve seen that she said that she wanted to be Lady Godiva and I’m not gonna lie, I had to google it because I did not know who that was. So what inspired that costume choice?

Davi: So I’m I don’t know any crazy historical anything about, but I have seen her in media just like as an image or as something that people talk about. I just love the look of her on a horse and this crazy long Rapunzel hair covering her body and it’s so beautiful and strong and I just feel like I would love to do one costume like that, but reinvented with curly hair, so like get a bunch of, you know, a bunch of curly bundles and just wrap it around my body, Maybe maybe do a shoot on a horse. And I was like that’s like my dream, my dream costume is that so one day it’s going to happen.

Jestine: I’ve seen that you you said that feminine is an energy and an essence that it represents gentleness and being strong I feel like the strong part is something that like new york new york women always embody. We have like a sense of being both at the same time. But do you feel like that’s something that like affects you every day or are you able to turn it off and turn it on? Like as far as like being strong?

Davi: I think it’s something that is an everyday thing. I think I can switch it on and off when it needs to be like I can be the gentle, But then I know that there’s certain spaces where I’m like I need to have this energy. There’s just certain spaces where you need to be that way just to protect yourself one for protection and then to just to be taken seriously like I’ve been on so many calls, so many rooms where you just get overlooked because you’re viewed as the soft spoken Or the gentle if you don’t come off like 1, 2, 3 WASSGOOD?!

Jestine: So I wanted to know what is your biggest fear?

Davi: My biggest fear are rodents. I do not f*ck with mice,chinchillas, rabbits, Guinea pigs, anything that looks like a mouse, and looks like it runs through the NYC M. T. A. My other fear is the dark. I am such a baby when it comes to using the bathroom at night when everything is off. I’m not kidding. I have no curtains in my house because I need the moonlight to come in somehow because I can’t, I’m like a real big scary person with that.

Like I need some type of light. Like my phone light is not enough.

Jestine: I really agree. So did you sleep with like night lights growing up?

Davi: Yes. I had night lights. I had the same situation tv on like all anything the, you know how the cable boxes used to have like the little blue light Oh yeah my mom would cover hers. I would leave mine uncovered. I’m a big scary scaredy cat of the dark.

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