I discovered a new company called Parade earlier this year and I’ve been so excited to see what all the hype was about surrounding the brand. I was born into only knowing VS as the main underwear store but as I’ve gotten older, I wanted something more comfortable to wear under my garments. Being apart of the FPA ( Fat Pum Pum Association), I always found that whenever I’d buy thongs from companies, they’d never cover the full area. Cami Téllez, CEO/Creative Director of Parade, wrote a new story for underwear back in 2018. She has created a brand suitable for people who enjoy self expression, sustainability, and to be comfortable. Being able to invest in underwear that lasts is vital in todays economy so I’m here to unpack why it’s important to invest in your underwear and with a brand that speaks to your issues directly.

If you didn’t have PINK written across your ass back in 2014, you truly missed out an an iconic era. Victoria secret had the majority of women in a chokehold for over a decade. They were known for their super thin, lace teddys, thongs, and my personal favorite the “Pear Glacé” lotion and body spray. Although Victoria secret was extremely overpriced, they’d have sales periodically to reward their cult following for being so loyal to the brand. Let’s not forget about the iconic, fashion shows that has carried the years by having super gorgeous models that wore size 0 flaunt the newest collections each year pairing with angel wings for a extra dash of magic.

I’m 2018, the world woke up and realized that VS was a problematic company for a plethora of reasons. The company failed to evolve with time by being more inclusive towards all women whether it was in store, corporate, in marketing, and with providing a large range of sizes for plus size women. Many will debate that there are stores like Soma that caters to plus size women but it’s all about where you actually desire to ship versus where you’re being forced to shop based on your size. Truth is, plus size women aren’t their target audience and that is conflicting with their motto “A Body For Everybody”.

For the longest, I thought that purchasing my underwear from target, Walmart, and Victoria secret occasionally. Although these companies provides great options for women to explore, there’s something special about getting exactly what you need at a company designed for all women to enjoy. As a woman, our coochie juices and periods can EASILY mess up your connection with your favorite undies. I’m a believer of swapping out your underwear every 6-12 months but we’re living in a society where, that’s less realistic due to capitalism. Being able to own a pair of underwear that lasts through a possible apocalypse is truly essential.

What better way to be a sustainable shopper, other than to invest in items that actually has longevity? Personally, what truly does it for me Everytime is the type of fabric that’s being used to create a garment. I adore spandex material mainly for the ability to move with my body overtime. Parade creates breathable, yet stretchy mesh underwear, bralettes, and bodysuits that gives you room to gain alittle weight if need be. Being able to wear something comfortable under your favorite outfits literally makes a huge difference in how you feel throughout the day.

Modern day underwear brands has now evolved to creating multiple types of underwear, bralettes, and bodysuits because as a undergarment brand, your job is to innovate comfort. This has allowed women to repurpose their undergarments for casual wear or to lounge around the house. Being able to wear fun, vibrant, and comfortable under garments has truly elevated my experience getting dressed each day. Parade has provided multiple collections which brought so much fun and excitement to panty shopping. Although it’s an online store, they’ve opened up a location in NYC, and recently they’ve partnered with Urban outfitters to give their audience the opportunity to get an in person experience.

Silky Mesh Layering Triangle Bodysuit – Meadow ( Click to purchase yours using code VENUSIANJONEL for $$$ Off )

Benefits of Supporting Parade As A Brand

• Latina Woman Owned

Versatility in designs

Sustainable fabric

• Sizes for ALL bodies

International shipping

Affordability can be subjective so I’ll leave you to decide this.

• They donate 1% of every purchase to nonprofit organizations that are working for reproductive rights, racial equity, LGBTQ+ communities and climate resilience.

• If you use my code VENUSIANJONEL, you’ll get money off every purchase you make on the site

• If you’re an influencer you can become a Parade friend and become apart of the creative and marketing process behind the scenes.

Check out the full site + their newest collection(s) here: https://yourparade.com

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