The new year began with the messiest unscripted series of news about actor, LaKeith Stanfield’s 2nd baby mother,Tylor Hurd, exposing his lack of interest in his newborn child meanwhile he announced his engagement with his wife to be, model, Kasmere as soon as the ball dropped. The couple took to social media a few months ago as they stunned the public with multiple photos of them smiling ear to ear. Initially, I’m sure many of us we’re elated that LaKeith popped out with a black woman but after finding out that he’s no better than your favorite gangsta rapper is extremely disappointing. I was able to catch the now deleted video that Tylor Hurd initially posted on Tiktok and I discovered that she’s an amazing artist who shared a video montage of LaKeith with their newborn with the caption of being “tired of being the secret baby mama”. This situation further reiterates why it’s important to make sure both partners are mentally, physically, and emotionally ready for children and a life together because the child is the one that suffers the most when these agreements aren’t established initially.

LaKeith is known as being the unconventional black man in Hollywood so many artist like SZA, 21 Savage, And Jay-Z has featured him as a special guest in music videos. In 2022, LaKeith has released a statement shortly after The Migos Rapper, TakeOff, passed away last October, stating that gangster rap is “self destructive” the very next day. Social media wasn’t too fond of his statement because of the timing that he chose to release the statement. Although I do agree with his statement, what makes him less gangsta than the ones on the street moving weight to provide for their family ? Make it make sense because it’s giving hypocrite.

Now let’s talk about his fiancé because I feel like she didn’t get enough credit for this mess. Taylor Hord, mentioned that she tried to have a conversation with the wife to be and she declined for whatever reason. The general public will never know what transpired behind closed doors but this is all a reflection of LaKeith’s character. When someone decides to marry a someone with children, it’s your job to motivate them to spend time with their child. Although it’s beautiful to be in love, it’s important to be accountable for your partner and everything they come with. I think a lot of people try to separate the dick and the baggage because it’s the easiest way delude your reality.

What really stunned me was the amount of women who bashed this mother of his child and accused her of clout chasing. Everytime a scandal happens with a man that women idolize, the misogynistic females find a way to every comment section they can find. Moreover, it’s usually the category of women who get treated poorly by men who are always defending men who don’t respect women that they were once in relations with. Although I am a fan of LaKeith, I think it’s very dusty of him to prance around the internet with a woman while having a new born child that he has yet to publicly acknowledge. The internet doesn’t need to know every aspect of your life, but I’m pretty sure if he was doing what is needed of him as a father that’s not in relationship with the mother of his child, there wouldn’t have been a scandal to speak about. Women who are no longer with their baby’s father are usually not going to be in agreement with their ex getting engaged months after giving birth to their first child together.

Xoesha Roquemore, LaKeith’s first wife/ mother of his first child

I’m in full support of black men getting married and marrying women of color in particular, but I’m cringing at the fact that he went from being one of my favorite actors to a stereotype overnight. Black men are known to feed into this perception of not being present in their children’s lives due to trauma and financial struggles. I’m not sure how much money is sitting in LaKeith’s bank account but he’s worth over $4 million dollars, BFFR. If he wanted to marry someone new, he could have easily made sure that his baby’s mom was set up with money to support their child, an art studio where she can make money, with all the supplies she needs , and extra funds to explore her creativity wherever she desires. At the end of the day, his repetation is on the line since he is the star of the show, so why not save your ass before it went public?

Many women fail to realize that having a child with a man that is famous doesn’t mean that he’s going to be your mealticket nor is he going to look out for your best interest. If I was her, I would have had a baby prenup in line once I found out I was pregnant. Men are unpredictable, and as women we have to take our lives more serious in the moment instead of waiting until shit hits the fan. The best way to save yourself from the stress of having to play mommy and daddy to a child that you created with a man, it’s best to be alittle savage about it. It’s your body, your time, and your life on the line and it’s irresponsible to allow an opportunity to make sure your child is protect your child to go a stray.

What are your thoughts on this situation ? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below ˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚

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  1. Great! Great! Read. I had no idea he had all this going on. Wow! My question would be, what is Tylors goal? LaKeith isn’t doing his part. She attempted to reach out to the fiance to no avail. So we take this to social media and what happens now. Okay, for all those who saw the video or caught up with the info in a blog like me. We now know, but what does it do for the lack of relationship he has with the child?

    1. Thank you so much love! Honestly Iโ€™ve been waiting for an update because it seems real convenient to publicize their child at that given moment instead of taking him to COURT.

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