At this point, I’ve seen every era and lifestyle trending except the humble era. It’s usually swept under the rug due to societal pressures of perfection from women. In 2023, DeFine Feminine is taking a new turn and embracing the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of womenhood. As someone who envisioned 27 years of life as True Jackson VP, I have lot’s to say about my experience in real time. This year, I’m walking into 28 years of life and within the past 8 years, I’ve lived 9 lives and counting. At this point, there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of because it’s a naked experience even if you’re pretending all the way through.

The past few months have been revealing, liberating, and energetic to say the least, but since nobody asked, I’ll elaborate. I’ve been focused on shifting my energy back inward and it has been such a challenging experinece thus far. I lost my job back in November due to my lack of motivation and purpose within my role and decided to stop giving a fuck about my life was going to go afterwards. My inner child was being abandoned due to the lengthy work hours, minimal time to create, to heal from things that I knew couldn’t come with me in the next chapter, and simple things like laundry. Alot of things we’re beginning to pile up because my capacity was at it’s lowest last year, but yet, I continued to overexort myself in very one sided investments.

Working a fulltime job sounds good in theory but having to work so hard to see little to nothing in return is a huge disservice to self and I couldn’t pretend that I was content even though I was getting paid to. I originally applied for a job to get insurance and I got it without having to sacrifice 25% of my paycheck to get my teeth cleaned. I craved something more than just a check and the ability to have health insurance, I wanted TRUE financial stability.

I grew tired of spending time with and speaking to people who didn’t truly provide me with the comfort I needed during a time where I truly needed a community. I wondered why I was feeling so stagnant although time was moving so fast. It was all because I wasn’t being honest about what and who I truly wanted. It’s sometimes more conveinent to be delusional but when you God is ready to sit you in the midst of all that you’ve created and you realize it’s a safety hazzard. It’s apart of the human experience to want more but sometimes less is more.

Love shouldn’t be something you have to beg for, nor support and I have done that from people who willingly chose to not provide me with the simple necessities needed in a relationship. The only way to be of service to others is to ask what they require just like any job or role that you play in this lifetime but it’s all about what you value. Allow people to miss out on the best version of you as you experience a new way of living.

This year, I’ll be embarking on a new journey that doesn’t involve sacrificing my well being and I’m ready to be wiser, more intentional, and more loving to self. If you’ve been a victim of overextending your time and energy for little to no return, please join me in prayer chile:

I’m too wise,

too fine ,

too rawthentic

and too BLESSED

How to:

Acknowledge where you are RIGHT NOW

Create a realistic timeline of where you’d like to see yourself by the end of the year.

Release yourself from old limitations/storylines, it’s time to wrap it up baby

During the past 2 months, I’ve released myself from old limitations and narritives that has not served my higher good. I’m ready to rebirth something new, something fresh, something that gives an energy of confidence, intellect, peace, and unconditional love. I’m turning 28 in the next few months and I’m ready to give back to myself like never before this year. For the past 8 years, I’ve drowned myself in weed, clothes,makeup, and unfulfilling relationships and I no longer can afford to abandon my own needs. Coming to this self realization has freed me from my misery because I no longer am content with how I was living my life. Thank God, I have an amazing boyfriend who holds me accountable and supports me in ways that I once imagined. As a divine feminine being, it’s important for me to do my part as well, and the more that I pour into myself, the more that I’ll be able to show up for my partner in return. Most importantly, I now have room to embrace the parts of me that I’ve put off due to fear.

Cheers to a year full of new experiences, lessons, and routines that brings in more blessings & peace.

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