Many women experience a sense of shame when pursuing a college career after a certain age. Society is to blame, but we’re also extremely critical of how we will look in a class amongst a bunch of high school graduates. Although that is a valid reason to feel alittle uncomfortable, that shouldn’t be the reason to not go after your dreams. Ageism is one of the most limiting ideologies that has created a stigma amongst people who may have different circumstances that prohibited them from experiencing new things after a certain age. According to, In 2021, 39% of women ages 25 and older had a bachelor’s degree or more education, compared with 37% of men in the same age range. As women, it is imperative to evolve and create new barriers for women to follow in order to break the stigmas that has held us back from success.

Here are 5 mindful tips to keep in mind if you’re thinking about furthering your education as a grown woman:

1. Create a vision board

Vision boards should ultimately be created for different elements in your life so you’re able to fully visualize your goals and dreams for that thing you want to pursue.

2.Create a 4 year plan

Whether you’re pursuing a 2 or 4 year degree, by creating a plan, you’re setting clear intentions about what you’re going to do within your college career in and out the classroom.

3. F*ck what people say

I find that a lot of people struggle with not giving a flying eff about what people are going to say about them, even after a certain age. Unfortunately your age doesn’t strengthen your confidence, your mind will. If you focus on building your inner confidence and trusting that God/ the universe is guiding you towards a better you, you’ll be surprised at how much others commentary actually doesn’t even matter.

4. Do it for you.

Perusing a college career is one of those aspects of life that is solely for you. Being that you are paying thousands of dollars,and having to put in the work to get good grades, is clear indication that this is a journey is a path that can only be taken alone. Although you may have a partner or classmates to help you study, going back to school is a choice we make to better ourselves and our professional outcomes.

5. It’s NEVER too late to better yourself

I know as women we are highly critical of ourselves based on our age but we are not limited to only furthering our education when we’re being told to do so. During grade school, it is expected to go to college directly after but life happens and we may need some time to come up with a solid plan. It may take years, it may take months, but either way, it’s important to focus on the end goal and not how old you may be.

If you’re a woman over the age of 20, if you find that you are unhappy with your current job and you want to pursue a career but you don’t have a college degree, go for it! There are so many resources to help you through and you don’t have to apply to the most prestigious school in order to be successful. Most importantly, acknowledge what will allow you to feel fulfilled professionally. Don’t allow society to convince you that you’re running out of time, it’s never too late to uplift and evolve as a professional woman. If you enjoy blog post like this be sure to like, share, and comment your thoughts on this topic below!

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