Many users of Tiktok has been on a roll with dropping gems to help others with their healing journey. One of the most recent terms that went viral is adapting the “Lucky girl syndrome”. Lucky girl syndrome is a term that is used to describe a person who has been fortunate in life and has been able to achieve success despite having more challenging circumstances than others. It is often used to describe women who work hard to overcome their obstacles along their journey to success. For women who are in marginalized communities struggle with “luck” because of the systematic issues that exist in our reality weren’t always fortunate in life and it will most likely take us longer to obtain the level of luck that we desire.

The concept of time has been a challenge for women of color. One day, we’re celebrating the fact that black don’t crack while on other days we’re having to play charades in a room full of people don’t look like us in order to make ends meat. When I reflect on the successful black women, there are more women over the age of 30 that are doing well for themselves than women in their 20s in comparison to women from different ethnic backgrounds. It is in fact a longer race to success and healing when being black because of our constant struggles that are inflicted onto us along the way.

Although the term is meant to be a positive reminder that highlights the benefits of being confident and strong willed towards a specific goal, sometimes when you are in spaces that aren’t supportive of all the layers you come with, it can take lot’s of time for your blessings to come to fruition. As a woman of color, it’s important to highlight the duality of being blessed but also being a product of your circumstances that works against how other cultural backgrounds gain success in this country. Unfortunately, we have to work 3x harder than many others while still maintaining a positive mindset throughout this journey of life. One of the biggest challenges is balancing the blessings with the hardships that come with being a minority, coming from immigrant parents, and not having the best foundation to truly thrive in the way I imagined. I’ve had to create a better habits surrounding trauma in order to coexist and while still making room for my blessings to pour in.

Here’s my challenge to you this month:

Create a bond with yourself like never before. The better of a relationship we may have with ourselves, will reflect on our external experiences everywhere you go and it will be easier to build a strong and supportive community that way. Create a new identity that exudes the love, the peace, and the success you’ve always wanted to acquire amongst other women who look and share the same experiences as you. You are an evolving being, and it’s important to embrace change as the world around is also evolving with you. Adapting to new environments, creating better habits and embracing more of your inner truth will be golden this year, so why not get a head start?

Affirmations for March:

“I’m God’s favorite so I act like it”

” I am blessed and compassionate towards each step along this journey to self discovery”

” I will honor my silence as I recharge and gather my thoughts effectively”

“I have all the tools and the awareness to fight for what I believe in, including self”

“If there’s any blockages along my path, I’m pivot and honor my ability to honor God’s redirection”

To all of the women who are striving to reach the best version of themselves without recognition I see you. You deserve all of the love, peace, and abundance that you truly deserve and if it means waiting alittle longer for it, ask God to make it better than what you expected. It’s okay to want more for yourself but not having the support and resources can be a huge disservice so work with what you currently have. This is the time to tap into your most magical and faithful self and make shit pop off no matter the circumstances, you got this! 

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