noun: heroine; plural noun: heroines

  1. a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

March is Woman’s History Month and I want to highlight the importance of women being celebrated in the midst of their manifestation. One of the most challenging aspects of womanhood is transmuting our emotions into our evolution and creating a balanced, and desirable lifestyle. The journey towards happiness and success isn’t linear, but I think the most powerful part of defining womanhood is being honest about our experiences and to not take the things that we feel for granted. As women, we all aspire to be admired, empowered, and rewarded for the immense beauty and courage that we embody during different eras of our lives.

It’s Women’s History Month, and I feel inclined to highlight the normal things that we do as women to better ourselves. Such as starting your day with a positive affirmation and ending it with your skincare routine is an iconic way to make a mark in your life story. When we normalize having routines that brings us joy, we are actively creating “herstory”. Our perception of history has created a standard that is hard to live up to sometimes. I think it’s important to know that you’re doing amazing things even if it’s miniscule to the world. Everyone’s life’s purpose isn’t to move mountains, sometimes we’re destined to simply learn and master self love.

When I reflect on how far I’ve came in this journey through womanhood, I’m hella proud because I’ve been able to decide on the life I want to live each day and make adjustments when need be. Being able to reflect on the 16 year old me, remembering how timid, how unsure, and thoroughly depressed she was, has allowed me to realize the impact I’ve made on my life legacy 12 years later. I’ve learned how to be less impulsive with my emotions because I realized I was giving my power away to people who simply do not deserve my energy. I’ve been able to move across the country with the love of my life after a year of dating and creating a life that allows peace and love to coexist. Amongst the many things that has shaped my experience as a woman, I’m extremely proud of my continuous effort to evolve when I realize that there’s no limitation to my greatness.

The importance of living in the present gives you a lighter perspective on life. We all have goals but it’s important to celebrate the small wins in between. Often, the guilt of not being at the finish line like our peers can make you feel like you’re not doing your best which is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves. Who you are right now is more than enough, because you’re doing the best you can do at this present moment. Embrace the present version of you and celebrate her for who she is and all that she has accomplished because she needs her biggest cheerleader right now.

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