Warning: This story contains spoilers about Prime Video’s “Swarm.” Reader’s discretion is advised ๐Ÿ™‚

If you haven’t heard, Amazon Prime premiered the first two episodes of their new show Swarm. I was only able to digest one episode at the time so here are my thoughts on the show based on episode one. The show takes place in Houston, Texas and it has lot’s of familiar faces starring in this series. From Chloe Bailey, To Dominique Fishback, to Damson Idris. After a few minutes into the show I quickly realized the dynamic between Chloe and Dominique as they played the role of sisters living on their own in the midst of poverty. No parents were in sight which left me to think, that there was more to this story than what I’m seeing. Knowing that this is a Donald Glover show, I knew not to miss a moment of context while watching this as he has a theme of creating very thought provoking concepts when he creates.

It would be careless to not acknowledge the disconnect between the sisterly dynamic, where Chloe’s character took on the big sister role as she cohabitated with her in their home. As Dominque’s personality unraveled she seems very traumatized by something that happened in the past which caused her to be very protective of Chloe and her decisions with men. Although Chloe’s character was very loving she was also very dismissive of her sisters authentic experience which became more apparent towards the middle of the episode where Chloe was found dead shortly after a tragic fight with her boyfriend.

Each episode opens with a passive aggressive disclaimer saying, “This is not a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is intentional.” I couldn’t help but to laugh because it prepares you for the extreme everyday scenarios of a mentally unstable, obsessed fan in a very subliminal way. Dominique’s character was insanely obsessed with her pop star idol, Naija which as a collective we will all assume is parallel to Beyoncé and her obsessive BeHives based on the constantly bee visuals and sounds in between each scene. This concept of displaying a middle, borderline lower class young woman, applying for credit cards and maxing them out on concert tickets just to be front row to see their favorite artist was TOO REAL for many to digest. But beyond her love for her childhood idol, Naija, Dominique carried a rage within her that has brought her to As I scrolled through Twitter this morning, I noticed the only thing the collective could seem to focus on was Chloe throwing it back during her very first sex scene.

Although I’m not 100% happy with the fact that Chloe nor Damson’s character won’t make it past this first episode, I’m thoroughly happy for Dominique for EATING the girls up with this role in Swarm. It’s giving black girl magic, it’s giving range, and it’s giving Oscar worthy.

I’m excited to see who else will pop up though out this season’s episodes. Have you heard of or watched the show as yet ? If so, let me know your thoughts down below!

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