March has been nothing but madness as I began my first semester, while working part time, discovering yummy foods, shows,and beauty products. I think this spring will bring in way better wellness habits and self care routines like never before. Here are my March favorites items & shows I’ve been getting into consistently all month long:

1. Juicing
Juicing has been something I’ve avoided for a while because of the labor that it takes to get the machine up and running but after I got over my laziness and set up my juicer, I created some yummy juices right from home! I had mostly carrot, orange , and ginger juices to help me to detox and promote regular cycles monthly.

Diosa Press On Nails
I came across these nails in HEB and I fell in love! The cool designs captivated me along with the price. I believe these retail for $4.99 but it may differ in your local HEB, needless to say, they’re quite a steal for press ons.
Mango Magaritas
Ever since I began bartending, I’ve been making margaritas back to back and with just the smell of tequila, sometimes, I’m tempted to take a sip myself. On my off days, I make sure to grab me a mango margarita from my local Mexican restaurant because they make it the best in my opinion.
SEPHORA Lip Plumper
This product is A1. I went into Sephora looking to reup on my Fenty Hot Chocolate Lip Bomb and I saw that Sephora had lip plumpers and decided to give it a try. Not only were they about $10 cheaper, but they are super plumping and glittery. What more can you ask for in a gloss ?
My cherry house slippers🍒
I bought these on DollsKill and I’ve been in love ever since. My boyfriend said they look like the red boots that were trending lately but that’s debatable, the main selling point for me was the fact that it covers my whole food and I get to be the cozy and cute around the house lol.
I recently discovered Cava and I’ve been hooked ever since. Chipotle hasn’t been cutting it for years so I’m happy someone came out with an alternative for people who enjoy bowls but with really healthy options.
Coconut Boba
Need I say more? If you’re not a coconut girl, then this post just isn’t for you but for the girlies that loves coconut, you get it.
The Elf Beauty Sponges
I am actually impressed by the softness and the way that these sponges blend! I recently picked up a set of 3 sponges that came in different sizes and when I tell you, they blend like butter, I’m not lying.
Starbucks Red Velvet Loaf
At first I was like this is going to be too sweet, but I went ahead and tried and it and this yummy desert goes perfectly with a hot cup of coffee. It’s not too sweet nor bitter, it’s the perfect proportion of yummy.
Elf Halo Glow Liquid Highlighter
This product is truly God’s gift. They market it as a highlighter but it’s truly one of the best dupes for NARS sheer glow foundation just with a bit more coverage. I love this product, I use it daily, I like by it, it’s a YES for me!
Apply Cider Vinegar Refresher
I came across this product in Walmart as I was looking for ACV, and I was intrigued. As you know, Gut health is extremely important and I wanted something to help me digest ACV easier and I saw this so I said let’s give it a try. The taste is still insanely bitter but it’s bearable due to the Concord grape and hibiscus flavor.
Dollar Tree Lashes
Don’t sleep on Dollar tree, this is your warning!⛔️
I know there’s been a lot of chatter about Swarm but personally, I love it! I think seeing a black woman play this character is so entertaining because we’re often not able to fulfill thriller roles due to our lack of opportunities in the industry, so I’m here for it! I think the show is extremely funny, creepy, and overall, well put together for it only being season 1. Swam leaves you thinking wtf did I just watch but at the same time, it gives you lot’s of context clues throughout each episode so you’re able to come up with your own analysis.
John Wick: The Final Chapter Whew!
This man never disappoints, since day 1. I’ve been a fan of the John Wick series ever since it started because I truly love action movies, it just makes me feel like I’m in a video game but all I have to do is watch the action happen before me. The actors in the series are always well selected especially with this recent movie. I won’t spoil it for you but I think this was an amazing way to end the series, BRAVO! 👏🏾

I’ve shared my absolute favorite things that has been getting me through this long month of March. As I get through this semester, it’s important to find things that brings me joy and a sense of balance because school can be very overwhelming sometimes. All in all, March was an amazing month, and I’ll be back next month to share my April favorites with you soon! I hope you’ve had an amazing and productive month, it’s officially Aries season so don’t forget to have some fun while you’re at it. 🤪

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