In a world full of opportunities to pay for play, men still have found ways to humiliate women at their convenience. Recently rapper, social media personality, Sukihana has been on a press run doing multiple interviews with platforms such as Angela Yee’s Lip service, Kandi Burruss’s Kandi Koated Live, Baller alert, and she’s even made an appearance on Jason Lee’s show on REVOLT. Sukihana has built a brand by being the vulgar yet confident and sexually liberated woman, mother, and internet personality. Unfortunately, even with her intention to be authentic, it has caused so much chaos in the public eye, leading men to think that it is okay to sexually assault her with the assumption of it being pleasing.

Sukihana recently was featured in a NLE Choppa music video along with Big Sexy Red as they we’re being walked on all fours on a leash. Kinks are a real thing and there’s no judgement about exploring different ways to fulfill them but I think in the rap industry in particular, consenting to be treated as an animal will never allow people to respect you. No matter how much you try to show that you’re not like that all the time, it’s just not becoming. She receieved lot’s of backlash from that music video on social media then went on to the Kandi Koated Live show featuring Big Gipp, where he forcefully flirted with her and she and Kandi laughed about it but alot of the viewers we’re DISGUSTED because she looked uncomfortable. Footage of Kandi’s Co-host Big Gipp, and Suki came out with her seemingly looking like they resolved the confusion and discomfort but we’re all waiting for Suki to speak on her own without the influence of a man convincing her that they’re not under cover sex offenders ๐Ÿ™‚

The sexual assault tour didn’t stop there, because even more recently YK Osiris decided to grab Sukihana by the mouth and forcefully stuck his tongue down her throat a few times before walking back over to one of his bros laughing and waiting for a cosign but it was CLEAR, everyone in the room was uncomfortable. I couldn’t imagine a child grabbing me by the face and kissing me without slapping the shit out of him but that’s just me. Either way, he’s DISGUSTING, and I don’t know who raised him but they should have swallowed. Let’s be clear, even with the discomfort of this situation, NOBODY stepped in to push him off nor tell to tell him that it’s not okay to force yourself on a woman. He’s even gotten rapper Meek Mill to cosign him being a “Good kid” to help him and other young men to think that they will get a pardon to be rapist if they choose to.

In most cases when a woman is into you, she will vocalize it and it should lead to a consensual conversation. There are a lot of women who still find it fun to “play hard to get” which leads men to think they’re waiting to be approached and courted. It’s nice being able to approach a man even if you’re just being friendly because you will have more control of where the conversation leads since the woman is leading the connection but you have to be willing to take the lead and not a lot of women are ready to be leaders in that aspect. Although we have the opportunity to be more well rounded leaders we seem to only fixate on finessing men into paying for things usually in exchange for sex because aint shit free, but using our voices for the greater good is foreign to many women in the public eye. Examples of women who use their voices well: Megan Thee Stallion, Amber Rose, Amanda Seales, Janelle Monae, Rihanna, Azealia Banks, shall I continue? Lol

We live in an age where men are convinced that life is a series of romcoms sponsored by Pornhub so there has been so many scenarios of women being taken advantage of due to men lacking self control and awareness. In 2023, women know exactly what they want whether it’s just head, a few strokes, or even just getting their toes sucked, and men are more than willing to fulfill the request because let’s be honest, men are always down to be in the same proximity with a woman that can tell them what to do. But I think the issue is that some women aren’t vocal in the right ways. Perception is a real thing, not to say that it’s fair but unfortunately women aren’t able to pick and choose when they want to be vulnerable. We HAVE to use our voices at all times whether it’s to protect or to even share our opinions because it will allow other women to feel more comfortable doing so.

Sukihana released a statement after the internet has spoken and she says that she’s afraid to speak out about all that has happened recently. I truly hope that she’s able to take time to herself to heal and to turn this around for the greater good, by either pressing charges and or speaking to other women about learning how to utilize their voices even when they’re afraid to do so. Women are strong, we are capable but we have to normalize being vocal because it will allow us to be powerful in ways that can change the world as a whole.

If you’re a woman or you’re raising young women, please raise them to be vocal at ALL cost. If you do not stand for something, you stand for nothing. Everyone in this situation has contributed in some shape or form and we have to realize that porn is still acting, but we need to bring back slapping the shit out of people in real life.

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  1. It’s very unfortunate. We ask for people to be real and then judge and mistreat them. We should definitely slap the shit out of the disrespectful. Literally or figuratively (by standing up for ourselves). They may respect her boundaries more if she enforces them though. As our elders said “nip it in the bud” at the start.

    1. Nip it in the bud! I haven’t heard that in so long unfortunately but I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for your response love!

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