Have you ever went to the mall with someone with no intentions to buy anything and then BOOM, someone approaches you with an offer? Well, today I’d like to come forward as a victim of the retail kiosk scams in exchange for a unsolicited makeup application. You know the little carts they have in the middle of the mall that pretty much harass you into buying something you don’t need because they work off commission. I literally was minding my business and conversing with my boyfriend and a woman approached me saying hey do you want to try this magical foundation we have here? I took a look at the display as there was an array of makeup items that I didn’t need.

After telling her no a few times she insisted on just showing me how it looks and she would be more than happy to assist me next time. As she applied the makeup, she began asking me if I wore makeup often because today I just felt like embracing my bareface so I said yes. She then told me to take a look as the foundation looked and matched great from that angle but I still wasn’t convinced to spend any money because it was an unknown brand and I just KNEW it would be overpriced as most items from the kiosks are. She went on to tell me the price of the foundation bringing us to a total of $70 and the more that I told her no, she brought it down an extra $10 to the point where it ended up being $30. My initial thought was to give her a chance to speak but that usually translates to I’m interested even if you’re not.

It’s best to say: ” NO, I’m not interested” and continue talking or talking instead of engaging. In the end, I still ended up having to say “NO, I’m not interested” but I ended up with a casket ready makeup look in the end because of my fear of being seen as a bitch.

Instead, be the bitch with boundaries.

Be the bitch that says no because you don’t want to waste your time pretending.

It’s not mean to speak your mind, and it doesn’t have to be long winded because people USUALLY don’t give a fuck about how you truly feel, they just want you to say yes.

Moral to the story, learning how to say no will save you time and money most of the time because usually your intuition is telling you no anyways. If you live your life always trying to be nice, you’ll end up with a bunch of shit you don’t need and you’ll have nobody else to blame but you. This is something I’m currently teaching myself and I’m happy that this happened for me to learn that I still have shit to work on as a woman. It’s not personal if it effects me mentally, physical, emotionally, financially, and spiritually, it’s self love.

Learning to not waste your own time is vital and even in the smallest situations you’ll learn how to simply trust your gut, the first time.

Live for you, not for the approval of others.

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2 responses to “The Battle Between Being A B*tch And Simply Saying NO | Having Boundaries As A Woman”

  1. I think itโ€™s so interesting how aligned everything is. I was literally having this conversation today with someone. There is nothing wrong with saying no. Yet itโ€™s so hard to do so at times. But in the end, we are sacrificing our comfort for someone elseโ€™s, when that does not always need to be the case. Letโ€™s say no more often, because itโ€™s our world now.

    1. Period!! Itโ€™s learning how to detach from our experience of our parents saying no to us wanting McDonalds because itโ€™s not the same ๐Ÿคญ

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