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My Humble Era | New Beginnings

As we embark on a new year, I’ve spent the month of January in a self reflection/hermit mode phase and it has allowed to come to terms with some hard truths. This year on DeFine Feminine, as a π–‚π–Šπ–‘π–‘π–“π–Šπ–˜π–˜ π•¬π–“π–™π–π–—π–”π–•π–”π–‘π–”π–Œπ–Žπ–˜π–™, I will be sharing more my wellness updates, my observations of the human experience, and…

LaKeith Stanfield’s Unscripted Ghetto Love Story

Sex for most men is a game, meanwhile many women have to carry the burden of the aftermath of intercourse. Recently, LaKeith Stanfield’s second baby mother came out in a recent TikTok saying that she’s tired of being his secret. Click here to read more on this story..

Things To Do In Houston : The Haunted Hues Color Factory Experience

Since the 2017 opening of its first pop-up in San Francisco, Color Factory has grown into a series of flagship locations in New York and Houston, with a new location in Chicago opening in Spring 2022. Each location is inspired by and gives back to the city it’s in, working with local communities to identify…


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Hi, I’m Jestine. I’ve created a blog to express my various experiences defining my own sense of femininity. My life goal is to be able to teach and share my insight on love, light, and sometimes the dark side of obtaining inner strength as a woman. We’re all sent here to regain our power after unfortunate events by constantly testing the narrative and thinking outside the box. Hopefully, you’ll be able to learn something from the stories that I share throughout this journey. If you are a warrior @ heart with lot’s of love to give but you’re trying to find a place to put it, DeFine Feminine is the place to be!

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