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5 Reasons Why Women Should Rock Bald Haircuts

It’s summer time and it’s hot as hell! What better time to rock a baldie than now? There’s something so powerful in shaving off all of your hair at least once in your lifetime. All that old energy immediately disappears once you shave your crown and it ignites a new beginning. Yesterday, rapper/pop singer Doja […]

7 Ways To Embrace Feminine Energy

The Soft Life Era has brought the collective to an understanding that being the mean girl isn’t it. Learning how to embrace your feminine essence comes in various forms that benefits your everyday lifestyle so in this blog post you will learn 7 ways to embrace feminine energy internally and externally.

Masculine Fragility Does NOT Opt Men Out Of The Human Experience

Men deserve the tools to heal and to express their authentic selves as well. This month we acknowledge the masculine figures who afraid to speak up, it’s time to put in the work to heal that blockage that hinders your self expression. In honor of men’s mental health awareness month, I’d like to shed light on the internal issues that men endure in silence.


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Hi, I’m Jestine. I’ve created a blog to express my various experiences defining my own sense of femininity. My life goal is to be able to teach and share my insight on love, light, and sometimes the dark side of obtaining inner strength as a woman. We’re all sent here to regain our power after unfortunate events by constantly testing the narrative and thinking outside the box. Hopefully, you’ll be able to learn something from the stories that I share throughout this journey. If you are a warrior @ heart with lot’s of love to give but you’re trying to find a place to put it, DeFine Feminine is the place to be!

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