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Why is it important to constantly define your purpose in life ?

Defining your purpose provides you with clarity, motivation, and a clear direction in your life. It helps you set realistic goals, make logical decisions, and to be accountable for your actions. By knowing your purpose, you can focus on the things that matter most to you and find fulfillment in your mundane daily activities. Additionally,…

March 2023| Beauty & Lifestyle Favorites

March is a month full of busy schedules, preparing for spring, and getting out of that early year rut that seems to come over you for at least 2months. Some may say it’s seasonal depression, others may say it’s the post holiday blues but for me, I was just TIDE. This month, I dabbled in…

3 Easy Standing Ab Workouts for beginners

Amazon Prime’s Swarm Review : America We Have A Problem

Swarm premiered on Amazon Prime on March 17 and it came in HOT as we were able to visualize celebrity obsessive fans, dysfunctional sisterhood & boyfriends, and of course LOT’S OF Bee’s. Click here to see my full review of Amazon Prime’s New Show, SWARM!


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