Welcome To Chapter 222: Soul Contract

Angel number 222 has the energy of cooperation and balance. This chapter is all about how to accept and balance the ying and yang energy within your life. I’ll be sharing ways to help you heal yourself, cultivate Nu relationships and to free your mind to dream about a reality that you’re deserving of. Once you begin to expand your understanding of your purpose, you’ll begin to see how much you’ve grew from your starting point. This chapter will highlight the importance of how you perceive the world because it will effect the way you move through the world. You reap what you sow so it’s best to invest in things that truly matter to you now and forever. You are your biggest investment, so don’t cheat yourself out of the love you deserve whether it’s from you or from others. Nourish your mind with great thoughts and you’ll receive great blessings from above. I enjoy writing because I’m able to share my true thoughts through word and it allows me to subconsciously script the life I want to life before the time comes, I’ve been manifesting chapter 2 for a few years but I was not mentally ready for what was prepared for me to experience. It’s beautiful to see that with a healthy mind you can become anything you desire to be, you just have to keep that mind open to things that makes sense to you vs allowing things to transpire that brings you down. Cheers to Nu beginnings, Nu blessings, Nu love, a Nu change to BE alive.

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Things To Do In Houston : The Haunted Hues Color Factory Experience

Since the 2017 opening of its first pop-up in San Francisco, Color Factory has grown into a series of flagship locations in New York and Houston, with a new location in Chicago opening in Spring 2022. Each location is inspired by and gives back to the city it’s in, working with local communities to identify charitable partnerships and local businesses to support along the way. I’ve had the chance to visit The Color Factory in 2 states and I’m extremely excited to share my experience at the Haunted Hues exhibit at the museum.

The panty industry is evolving & so should you | The TRUTH about Parade Underwear

Parade has become one of the most innovative new age underwear brands and I’m here to share my thoughts on the brand and how impactful it is for women to feel comfortable in all articles of clothing. Having comfortable underwear is essential to your everyday life because it contributes to how you move throughout the day no matter the circumstances. If you’re not familiar with the brand, this will give you an opportunity to explore new brands like Parade that caters to ALL women.

β€œI don’t fuck with anything that crawls” Ft. Davi Nova

I’m this episode I spoke with my special guest Daviuska to discuss life as a graphic designer, living in NY, and learning more about her spiritual beliefs based on her upbringing. In this series, I’m discussing the fears and or phobias that many women embody even if it’s subconscious.

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month Bitches!

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and @yitty is partnering with @youngsurvivalcoalition which is the go to organization for young people who are effected by breast cancer. Nearly 80% of young women are diagnosed with breast cancer and most would find out while getting dressed. The FIT CHECK Inspired #titcheck is a simple way for you to remember to check for your breast changed on a regular basis.


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