From the beginning of time, women have been finding different ways to tap into their femininity. Whether it’s through self care, having children, or simply being of service to other women. But one of the most common things that every woman can relate to is having insecurities. In the new Barbie movie, Barbie is on a quest to connect with Gloria, a longtime Barbie fan and assistant to the chief executive of Mattel. Gloria who was played by America Ferrera, accompanied her daughter, and Barbie back to Barbie land just to walk into an unexpected disaster. In the end, Barbie realizes that she is having self doubts about her capability to maintain her persona and her overall lifestyle.

Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by an American toy company called Mattel in 1959. An American business woman Ruth Handler, created the doll using a German doll called Bild Lilli as her inspiration. Barbie has had over 250 inspirational careers including astronaut, pilot, firefighter, journalist, and entrepreneur to name a few. She was created to be a universal figure for young women to aspire to be, and as a result, she now has fans of all ages. In the movie, Barbie wanted to break away from the perception of being a toy and created her own lane to inspire women to do the same.

It’s no secret that Barbie is glorified as this perfect doll that everyone wants, but in the real world Barbie is just an object as many women can relate to. In a society where men are able to coexist without having the expectations of being liked, being fit, being the BEST mom, being the BEST friend, being the BEST coworker, being well spoken, being approachable, or simply being happy all the time. Although no one is necessarily telling women to be all of these things at once, in many settings this is the standard for women. It’s almost unhealthy to be everything at once especially if you’re still on a journey to finding self.

“I’m not good enough for anything” – Barbie

Many women can relate to not feeling like they’re enough including myself. This is a line in the movie that touched many of us in the theatre because it’s so damn relatable!

Perfectionism is what creates insecurities and many woman feel the need to present themselves as Barbie even to other women as if we don’t know how it feels to be accepted as human beings.

Many women are programmed to think that patriarchy is to blame for why we strive for perfection but in all reality, we’ve contributed to this way of thinking by not creating safe spaces for women to simply be. We can blame men for many things but many of our insecurities also stream from women being brutally mean and judgmental about our hair, our makeup, and even our bodies. It’s more hurtful when you’re not embraced by other women because it creates a separation which later leads to comparison. If more women we’re compassionate, intuitive, collaborative, and kind, the world would be a beautiful place to coexist. We’re all trying our best to be the most beautiful, intelligent, and multifaceted selves, insecurities only holds us back from unleashing our inner Barbie.

DeFine Feminine: Barbie Movie Premiere Event

In the movie, sisterhood and femininity was a theme that brought the Barbies together and allowed a balance of energies in Barbie world amongst the men and women. Femininity and sisterhood is the cure to any insecurities that you may experience as a woman. We’re not wired to figure this stuff out alone because we need to be validated and embraced by other women in order to feel less self conscious about ourselves. Although it would be nice to be perfect, even Barbie isn’t perfect. In the end, she began to reflect on who she wants to be in the world outside of her persona, and I think more women should do the same. The person you are today, is more than just a persona, you are a multidimensional being.

Always remember, there’s no perfect Barbies in this world, we’re all a hot mess trying to figure it out as we go 🤭💗

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  1. This was a very much needed post. Including โ€œWeโ€™re all a hot mess trying to figure it out as we goโ€ was the reassurance I needed lol. Well said

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